XIN ZHAO GAMEPLAY UPDATE REWORK – Champion Spotlight – League of Legends

XIN ZHAO GAMEPLAY UPDATE REWORK – Champion Spotlight – League of Legends. LOL 2017 New Xin Zhao Gameplay Spotlight Guide! 🔔SUBSCRIBE: 💛Support me: 🔶Lower your lag: 🔶WOW Channel:

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  1. Pretty nice update. 😀
    New RP giveaway, leave a like and a comment to win a sushi!

  2. I wish this champion was like a kayn I feel like he could have a quest to turn into a long bow champion that was a glass cannon or a path for a mace that focuses on heavily dealing cc

  3. That ult should had been Poppy's ult

  4. LOL Xin went full Mulan! I love it

    Xin will make a man out of you

  5. Remus do another facecam, it adds more personality:)

  6. I used to be a Xin Zhao main, gotta try this new xin when it comes out

  7. i dont like it at all. the thing i loved about xin Zhao is how W,Q synergies together. and wasting an engage just for attack speed is rely bad

  8. Hes gonna be hotfix nerfed 2nd day. Even with the ability cooldown from practice tool.

  9. don't know what to comment, just want the free rp xd honesty lvl over 9000 :v

  10. Now, imagine this, on URF!

  11. The new zin w is just like rengar s q.Also i think that the new zin is more broken than the previous one. :/

  12. i think this rework it will make xin a trash champ

  13. His fighting style reminds me of those japanese/chinese movies i saw as a kid where they fight in slowmotion and in super sonic speed.

  14. I don't get the rework philosophy of Riot sometimes – other champions have more toxic kits than Xin's. Why rework someone like zix zhao (who imo seems balanced for a fighter/diver, as in no crazy aoe cc or max hp damage on a basic ability etc.) and shift around/add a few things to his kit rather than completely scrap his core identity and create a new one? The riot balance team should focus on most needed then least needed reworks like they have previously, rather than alter some parts of someone's kit and keep the core gameplay intact. Idk I'm low elo so maybe I'm completely wrong or off about thiis

  15. To all these people complaining about Zhin's new W, did you not see the range on it? Rengar and Sejuani ain't got shit on Zhin'a new W.

  16. Xin has too much damage, imaqtpie what have you done.

  17. i need to go to my pbe and try that

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