Xin Zhao 2017 Update – All Skins

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Time Stamps for Skins:
00:25 – Classic Xin Zhao
01:34 – Commando Xin Zhao
02:31 – Imperial Xin Zhao
03:31 – Viscero Xin Zhao
04:34 – Winged Hussar Xin Zhao
05:40 – Warring Kingdoms Xin Zhao
06:48 – Secret Agent Xin Zhao
07:53 – Dragon Slayer Xin Zhao

Xin Zhao has got new animations and particles. His model and textures have stayed the same.

Full Skin Spotlights for each individual skin will be released in the near future which will go more indepth.

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  1. dude they make all champions look the same, they gave him rengar shitty Q….and the same sejuani shit… and in the certain way the same Kayn assassin shit.

  2. la w fue una cagada total era mejor la habilidad que tenia antes.

  3. These skins suck except for Dragonslayer…

  4. This guy is still so boring visually.

  5. The update looks solid and will make him more viable I think.

  6. When you have a spear like that, it's quite logic to THRUST !

  7. New voice lines but keeping old battle voice lines.


  8. No Katarinas harmed during he making of this video.

  9. No one is denying that Xin's new ability is copied from Rengar and Sejuani. But how is that a bad thing? This man is holding a spear. they wanted to give him a 1 long distance poke ability. would you rather he throw his spear point and click like Pantheon? Would you rather it be a skill shot like Nidalee? Would you rather he whip out a glock and shoot a muh fucka?


  10. Sao em chơi chua Co nữa

  11. I hate the new i want the old

  12. Rip xin was fun playing with you for all these years… they fucked another champion

  13. They could have made his particles so much more impressive.

  14. When doas heimer get a new skin -.-?

  15. I dont like tis new update of xin

  16. New Xin Zhao R = bye bye ADC meta. Have fun in melee range of Xin

  17. So I guess you e q w the enemy into oblivion xD

  18. Is it just me or do his animations look stiff

  19. So his ult is another ADC counter?

  20. Why Xin have Monaco Flag not Poland what when it's fucking HUSSAR!


  22. Ammm how you make Target dummies champions?

  23. Guys i want to have braum special interactions who too like pls!

  24. I want to ask that when Xin in in his R form,does CC affects him?

  25. ใครมันจะไปตีเข้า โว้้วววววววว

  26. Didnt see that there was a second Kata for his ult. THOU´GHT HE SPAWND ANOTHER ONE WITH HIS ULT, I WAS LIKE * Wait, what was that?! — Ohhhhh, lel *

  27. now you can play him top and farm and poke at the same time.

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