Wing Chun Kung Fu vs MMA – Ding Hao vs Xu Xiaodong & Yu Changhua vs Xiong Cheng Cheng

Xu Xiaodong, the MMA fighter who destroyed that Tai Chi wind-bender wannabe Wei Lei, finally got another set of officially sanctioned fights together, this time against two self-proclaimed Wing Chun “masters.” The fights are epic and telling. One is by Xiaodong against one of the “four great Wing Chun masters in China” Ding Hao 丁浩. The other fight (3:57) is Xiong Cheng Cheng 熊呈呈 (not Yi Long, though they kind of look alike) against Ip Man lineage Wing Chun Master Yu Changhua (余昌华). Changhua is also Ding Hao’s coach or Shifu. Also, there was supposed to be no kicks, but there were kicks thrown. So if we looked at what happened, they basically followed Sanshou rules. These fights show what works and what doesn’t work, as well as the need for weight classes. Hope you enjoy our commentary and research on the fighters. Please keep your comments coming, and please send us more clips.

More information on the fights from China’s version of Quora (Zhi Hu):
On Xu Xiaodong vs Ding Hao

On Xiong Cheng Cheng vs Yu Changhua

Not the original clips, but the clearest ones on YouTube:

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  1. Xu Xiaodong in 2019 fighting a Kung Fu master:
    Xu Xiaodong loses a spar session against Muay Thai kickboxers:
    Tai Chi guys try to intimidate Xu Xiaodong:
    Xu Xiaodong gets challenged inside his dojo:
    Wing Chun guy in my hometown challenges MMA fighter:
    Ding Hao (Wing Chun dude) takes on another MMA guy much smaller:

    If you want to learn Chinese to be able to understand these videos in the future without my translations, follow my Chinese learning channel:

    I translated an interview with the second fighter (the bald, one-handed boxer) Xiong Cheng Cheng: His story is very inspiring. He overcame everything to continue boxing. Hope you like my analysis and translation. Watch the second fight (3:57) between Xiong Cheng Cheng and Yu Changhua before you watch the interview.

  2. "Wing chun is fake!!"
    "Traditional kungfus are fake!!"

    Weebs, have you ever heard Sanshou competition? Or Lei Tai match tournaments?

    Do you know if Open Sanshou competition also have a lot of "Real" traditional Kungfu practicioners as contestants? Not only modern Sanda & JKD kickboxing clubs.

    Before move to MMA, Xiaodong also former Sanda athlete himself.

  3. Old martials were real. This isn't. Back in the days the training was so hard that getting injured was normal. Today people want some fun sports where everything is safe or just for demonstrations.

  4. This is nonsense. The problem is that you compare two styles. Mma is just s sport that is it. It has objective rules

  5. The Kung Fu guy flew. Kung flew.

  6. i dont know how you walk away and call yourself a master after getting such a beating

  7. The chinese gov't is waging hate campaign against the MMA guy. The was a documentary that featured him, he was crying because of the humiliation he got. These so-called kung fu masters kept on disrespecting him and challenging him, hence we have these videos.

  8. Donnie yen would beat the shit out of mma fighter lol

  9. wtf was that little "yay i got beat the fuck up" arm raise the dumb Tai Chi guy did at 1:51 lol. Insanity

  10. That arena reminds me of Mortal Kombat 1, im getting old…

  11. All I can say is that, I found my favorite referee!

  12. could you translate this?

  13. This is how mma should be: To fckn' stop fighting oponent who is down.

  14. If I was fighting this MMA guy…

    …I'd go up to him after I got out of hospital and say thank you for the lesson.

  15. Wing Chun Doesn’t work in a Real Fight,Unless you’re Bruce Lee ,and Trust me Your not,the most effective to me in a street fight are ,Boxing,wresting,TakeDowns.

  16. If that guy could use two knuckle ,wing Chun will be all fAke plus I know wing Chun and taichi are fake

  17. Wing Chun is pure shit it seems

  18. I don't think the Wing Chin guy is a master, he's straight up a noob..

  19. it always depends on the user not the martial art

  20. The real wing chun master is behind him

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