Why We Never Got To See An Ender's Game Sequel

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Not long after The Twilight Saga concluded, Summit Entertainment geared up for its next young adult franchise: Ender’s Game. Based on the Orson Scott Card novel of the same name, Ender’s Game was envisioned as the first in a series of new sci-fi films—after all, there’s a ton of written material to draw from—but the series got canned long before its completion. Here’s why we never got to see an Ender’s Game sequel…

Box office bomb | 0:22
Boycott | 0:54
Budget constraints | 1:22
A tired trend | 2:09
Aged out | 2:55
TV spinoff | 3:52

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  1. What other would-be sequels would you like to hear about next?

  2. Movie was really good.

  3. Sucks its a great movie.

  4. This movie was dope tho. I wish it would’ve had a sequel

  5. looper you sound like sound sombody from smashbits

  6. And now u can play it in VR (Echo VR)

  7. You forgot to add that many people who did see the movie were disappointed that the movie did not follow the book more faithfully. Some of us would have gone and seen it more than once if it had been accurate.

  8. I love the books too… They're good as hell

  9. For me version of books is always better than movies .. You can visualize more how exceptional authors imagination is.

  10. When they told that the ships actually had pilots
    Me :👁👄👁 what?!

  11. I only saw like 5 people talk about the book. If you watched the movie you should try the book.

  12. i need the sequel right now !! what an a amazing movie!!

  13. Why doesn't marvel invest money in making this type of movie…we love flim which emotional to aliens and if in future part 2 came it definitely blast the box office in Hollywood 🔥🔥

  14. It was best movie…part 2 will boom this movie..surely this movie will boom in 2023 if part 2 came..and automatically hollywood will be return as their money..

  15. I thought it was a great movie! If a producer sees this, you can count on my money for a sequal.

  16. Damn I really liked this movie too… now I have to read the books

  17. All of the books needs to made a movie.

  18. I just watched finished enders game on Netflix and hopped that there was a sequel BUT NO IT FLOPED

  19. Uh because the sequels are nooothing like the original and much more political than action. Ender only shines in Enders Game, he's an old man in all the others. Considerably more boring.

  20. The movie had so much potential. 5/10 bad acting, did not developed Enders character and did not go into the speaker of the dead.

  21. This was a really good movie!!

  22. I think this video overlooks the fact that Speaker for the Dead, Xenocide, & Children of the Mind; Ender is ~35 years old. If they age that up similarly to what was done for Ender's game he'd be 40-ish. At which point it's not really YA fiction anymore. Ender in Exile would be the next logical entry in the series because he's only a year older than in Ender's Game. Still that's a very slow political story that involves a lot of letter-writing. Hardly a Hollywood action movie. Might all be better for a Netflix adaptation.

  23. Good News…was totally bullshit… acting 0/10 kiddymovie10/10

  24. I really enjoyed this movie.

  25. When I watched it. I soo adore it

  26. Run it as a series like Game of Thrones and follow the f**** book instead of doing your own s*** that's why the movie sucked

  27. Febuary 6th 2020 still waiting

  28. Sucks I just saw it and I think it was pretty good

  29. I enjoyed the movie. I was looking forward to seeing the sequel.

  30. Love this I no ideas Healey was in I actually there are superhero movies may one day this becomes more box office hit

  31. Honestly, this movie would have worked so much better if they had made it a musical.

  32. It was a shitty adaptation and the sequel books wouldn't make good movies.

  33. I wish they would continue with the next episode movie and more this make you really think there more world is out there I just wish they keep make rest enders movies I would like to see what happens next
    But think about how much this movie could help us understand how much world is are out there

  34. Disappointed readers the moment we saw Bean on the same launch shuttle as Ender.

  35. Wish they make a sequel😉

  36. I loved the book but I didn't like the movie. Oh I don't like the authors opinions… the book was still good

  37. The author is a Mormon. I didn't care but most did.

  38. I loved this movie . I just bought it . I love the idea. But I understand why it didn’t do well. With America’s society’s and its declining imagination I’m not surprised it didn’t do well. Sad really . We Americans are getting dumber literally the the minute

  39. Eh, I don't really mind that the sequels were canned, since the first film wasn't even that good in my opinion. I honestly found it really boring

  40. I'm now reading the book for the fourth time, after watching the move for the third time. I have to say that the movie is great…of course most of the book is the inner dialogue of Ender. They also cut a ton of scenes out. That didn't make the movie any worse. The cinematic universe is beautiful. The visualizations of command school are of epic proportions. The only way the movie falls short is that a lot of information is spoon-fed to the audience to get to the point. Having read the book, I appreciate the movie a lot more.

  41. This movie was awesome its a shame it never got a sequel. People really need to stop listening to stupid movie critics because audience and the professional critics review of a movie usually never line up. This movie was awesome but I think in the books this is the only one where Ender is a kid, I think hes an adult in all the sequels. So Im not sure what the sequels would of been like, if we got one that is.

  42. We're not getting another enders movie that's a fact

  43. Netflix should try this IP

  44. Because it wasn't good enough to continue.

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