When Sion W does DOUBLE DAMAGE! AP Sion Montage! (Sion Bug)

This is a video of Sion W Bug. On the PBE it does DOUBLE damage to enemy champions! Thanks to this you can make AP Sion pretty stronk!
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Five Armies Kevin MacLeod (incompetech.com)
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  1. ничо не понял

  2. Blue team has slain Baron Nashor!

  3. Omfg what did I just witness

  4. Pls show us how you do this bugs you can share them after fixes

  5. 200 years of experience proves us wrong every day

  6. Sion master the Ultra instinct

  7. When Senna died screaming for Lucian's name at 01:06..

    I felt that.

  8. lmao bro. that shit was warded at 2:18 That Vlad is stupid

  9. It Just like a 3 star sion with a spell crit with infinity edge and rabbadon

  10. If this somehow made it to live I wouldn’t even be mad

  11. Kinda wish they included Sion with the "Jungler meta" buffs like what they did to Darius and the others.

  12. i knew this for a long time. Used to play it a lot on PBE but found out that im just wasting time playing on pbe.

  13. That yuumi drive by was great

  14. Caenen, the Bug Master

  15. Shorter explanation

    Ap sion is better

  16. Im pretty sure that s the normal damage an ap sion would do

  17. It would be cool if rito brought back all the past versions of champions and items back for a special game mode

  18. Blue Team has slained Baron Nashor.

  19. oh thats why i stomped the enemys on the PBE when i played AP sion XD

  20. If i understand it is TCHOU TCHOU BOOM nice gameplay

  21. can you show build?

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