What Are Hellhounds? – 7 Types of Hellhound From Great Britain & The Rest of Europe

Today we take a look a seven different types of Hellhound from Great Britain and Europe.
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  1. I might leave some meat leave my pork chop for my dog .soul rip daisy .

  2. Thanks to my pet daisy God rest your soul .

  3. I bit brown reclues last year almost. Had a car accident And a child getting swarmed by sting rays .

  4. I beilieve it's my old dog spirite that's guarding me I buried my dog. In that back couple decades ago a couple blocks from Saint andrews and it says in folk Lord if a bury a dog near the north of a church u created a hell hound .

  5. So, for the most part hellhounds are not good boys?

  6. They forgot the hellhound from Belgium named Kludde. He stalks lonely travellers at night and jumped on their backs they have to carry his massive weight until they got home. Also a shapeshifter he can transform in to a goat, cat, raven or a human like creature with a black hood. He will hide in places surrounded by water.

  7. When I hear hellhounds I think of call of duty world at war.

  8. Hell hounds are quite interesting

  9. Forgot one hell hound the old mother in law 🤔🤔

  10. I thaught that Hell Hounds were Devil Dogs 😈🔥 Supernatural Demonic 👹 Creatures from Hell!

  11. My uncle told me that he was driving all night with his wife and they both saw "black dog with red eyes" jumping from the bushes..he told me that this kind of stuff can happen when you are very tired..but his wife saw it too..hmm

  12. Aye, glimpsed the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
    lying in wait for he who would pass them.
    In that space where time exists not,
    faintly I sensed the guardians of cycles.
    Move they only through angles.
    Free are they not of the curved dimensions.

    Strange and terrible
    are the HOUNDS of the Barrier.
    Follow they consciousness to the limits of space.
    Think not to escape by entering your body,
    for follow they fast the Soul through angles.
    Only the circle will give ye protection,
    save from the claws

    Once, in a time past,
    I approached the great Barrier,
    and saw on the shores where time exists not,
    the formless forms
    of the HOUNDS of the barrier.
    Aye, hiding in the midst beyond time I found them;
    and THEY, scenting me afar off,
    raised themselves and gave the great bell cry
    that could be heard from cycle to cycle
    and moved through space toward my soul.

    Fled I then fast before them,
    back from time's unthinkable end.
    But ever after me pursued they,
    moving in strange angles not known to man.
    Aye, on the gray shores of TIME-SPACE'S end
    found I the HOUNDS of the Barrier,
    ravening for the Soul
    who attempts the beyond.

  13. If theres a lot of death hellhounds are there

  14. Your question of why the one hell hound shows up as a white cat is easy. Back in the day redheads were deemed as evil. Pure white cats possess the same genetic mutation that causes red hair and that specific mutation also causes cats to be pure white

  15. I saw 2 dogs, tonight. They looked to be regular dogs, one was black and the other a brown or rusty color. The brownish looking dog was barking and chased after my truck and when I turned back to look, he had red eyes.

  16. There’s a kind of hell hound in a Costa Rican legend called The Cadejo (Kadeho). It mostly accompanies people traveling late at night in lonely roads.

  17. So this is something that happened to me back in 2010 or 2011. This happened in my parents yard so here’s the story. I was still in high school at the time and the guy i was dating at the time was over at my parents house we were hanging out but he was paying more attention to my brothers then he was me. I got pissed off and went outside at night and decided too scooter up and down the drive way it was also raining out while i was doing this. I shit you not i saw a black dog with yellow glowing eyes (my parents live in the country). The black dog was literally running around in the rain. Regardless this scared the hell out of me and i ran like crazy back into the house dragging the scooter behind me. I have never told any one about this ever. With in the next few days i was on facebook and i saw an article on how there was recent sites of a black dog with glowing yellow eyes. I freaked out too my self and refused to go outside late at night by my self. Reason why I watched this video is because this night all came back too me when i was listen to a paranormal experience podcast. It was definitely the black shuck. I’ve never seen it again after that night and i don’t ever want too.

  18. There is also the Cu Sith (coo she) of Scottish mythology. It has shaggy green fur and its name means Hound of the Fairies. Some stories say that, if you hear it howl three times, you will die. There are other stories of the Cu Sith protecting travellers from harm.

  19. Dormarch- Welsh mythology. It was a black dog with 3 fish like tails. It helped the king of the dead gather souls.

  20. Well done! So much info I want to watch again and take notes. Thank you.

  21. So I have a question what happens if you hear a low growl and nothing is there?

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