We Ate Like The Longest Living People For A Week

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Healthy food selection
AlexRaths/Getty Images
Extreme close up Camera moves over a bowl of freshly made guacamole with tomatoes onion and cilantro.
PetroglyphFilms/Getty Images
Pasta splashing in water
hoozone/Getty Images
Time lapse Homemade Chocolate chip cookies baking close up.
Bplanet/Getty Images
Chef adds leafy greens to corn mix and flips skillet over burning stove top in restaurant kitchen
The Lighthouse Film Co, Inc./Getty Images
Steps in making cooking a scrambled eggs colorful dish for breakfast.
Faithfulshot/Getty Images
People get Mung Bean Pancake to put into own dish
Multi-bits/Getty Images
Red peppers on grill
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  1. Isn’t Japan a blue zone? They eat way more rice and fish than this diet.

  2. Guys, there is no blue zones regions that eat most of their diet from plants. Their nutrition is mainly based on quality animal foods, fish, meat eggs seafood and the some wild plant foods. This video is propagating vegan agenda and disseminating false Information upon us.

  3. My gut is killing me just thinking about eating like this. IBS is hard on veggies ☹️

  4. Omg! that drak skin guy is sooooooooooo good looking!

  5. We need more vids w/ Q. Great work!

  6. The best part is when he thanks Okinawa for Mr. Miyagi

  7. “Wearing AirPods, I’m really wealthy. Also aria “I bought dried mushrooms but they were seven dollars” lmao

  8. q eats so well for a guy!! and he’s beautiful 🥺

  9. They acted like the challenge lasted the whole year😂 anyways rawboy would have been the perfect guy to watch!

  10. but where is that really pretty girl i was watching?

  11. Jesus, the amount of plastic in that shopping trip!

  12. 'Weird vegetables' Shows ginger root

    Guess ginger is weird now.

  13. Aaaww I bet Merle is soo proud 🙂

  14. the opening is just Aria and Quinton bonding over food

  15. I feel so happy I already eat like this bc of my acne :’)

  16. Sweet potato pie 🥧 =life changing

  17. I think Megan's reaction to Aria being weird was the best part of the whole thing

  18. Only 7 teaspoons of added sugar daily but encouraged to drink wine during lunch…?

  19. I really wanna try that summer pasta! And that tofu mushroom dish. Please link a recipe

  20. “I’m wearing air pods…I’m very wealthy” 😂😂😂

  21. Merle and Aria were already dating they just didn’t know it or accept it lmao

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