This Is Why Hector Bellerin Is World Class

Look At All Goals & Assists by Bellerin for Arsenal so far, Is he ready for 2019/2020 ?

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    Look all Goals & Assists from Bellerin for Arsenal ⚡

  2. T.A.Arnold just copied Bellerin

  3. He should play cdm tbfff

  4. world class ? this must be a wind up lol im an arsenal fan and hes average at best he cant cross the ball and in defence hes far too easy to beat hes not a rb anyone can see that he has no positional sense at all

  5. At the time I would have agreed with the title but now I wonder it's some kind of joke…

  6. Someone here after the amazing goal against Chelsea

  7. Raw pace, capped off with some precise execution. Hector es Genial para ver

  8. world class ?? im an arsenal fan and this has to be some sort of joke lol hes average at best he cannot defend he gets beaten to easily and when he gets forward he barely puts a decent cross into the box . if we were any bit ambitious players like him would be no were near our starting 11

  9. I like his decision making 💥

  10. video more like Giroud World class

  11. He should be in the starting line up of the Spanish Selection. He´s better than Carvajal and Sergi Roberto.

  12. im laughing so hard at the title!

  13. He’s not world class. He’s average. Final ball is crap and he’s not great at defending either. His only real asset is his pace.

  14. i wish the former bellerin can come back

  15. He is never a world-class player…Hope he'll be one day.

  16. Vem jogar no meu palmeiras hector

  17. And yet emery not using him emery out out

  18. Bellerin: * gets ball *
    Giroud: “im about to end this goalkeepers career”

  19. Good highlights. Crap music…

  20. Absolutely love this! ✨🔥

  21. oh boy I didn't think I'd say that but I have missed him…….on pitch

  22. When was hector bellerin world class????

  23. Rob holding, tierney, bellerin. Can't wait to see those guys in action for arsenal

  24. Probably be great if there were more clips of him being a great defender 😏

  25. Bellerin is great, but he ain't world class yet. That title gets thrown around way to much

  26. As an Arsenal fan we have missed Bellerin massively but he ain't world-class great going forward but defensively naive. World-class should be only associated to complete players at the highest level who have been amazing for many years.

  27. Please work hard hector you will be the best again

  28. Lahm realised he need to retire..

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