This is Why Aaron Ramsey Will Be Missed At Arsenal!

Aaron Ramsey 2018-2019 season review.

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  1. I actually can’t believe we let this guy go on a free transfer. 😔

  2. soo average, a flick every now and then is all he has to offer.. yet gunner fans praise him like world class, cant perform against big teams.. says alot about the quality of arsenal fc

  3. I midt be honest but i’m from the 2005 so i’m sorry to Henry and Bergkamp, but Rnasey is my favourite player from Arsenal😶

  4. Since ramsey left we have no goalscorers from the midfield, something all the big teams have and so important. If our attackers got injured where would our goals come from.

  5. Still Doesn’t make sense why we let ramsey go

  6. He's playing horrendously for Juve.

  7. The fact Ramsey had his leg broke clean in half when he turned up at arsenal yet gets let go and he is the highest scoring midfielder in arsenals history

  8. We sure need his goal badly this season. But no, Emery just let him go for free…

  9. Stupid Arsenal. How could they fkin let him go? The touches in the midfield. He clicked really well with others. So sad.

  10. I literally only come here for the intro because of the song 😂

  11. Cup Hero! Always gave his 100%. I hope he is remembered as a legend.

  12. Good player but can be cocky.

  13. Ramsey going too early. Gundoezi learning too little

  14. What has happend to Xhaha I feel would have happened to Ramsey ..Arsenal fans don't respect their top intelligent players one or two poor or even average games andArsenal TV will be encouraging fans to get the club to sell him its completely warped …but its the way it is and deep down Ramsey could see it if the fans had really loved him he would not have gone money or no money …so fair play to him for making his own way and future I loved him as a player and as a quality person and am sorry he has left a club that he loved ..but he just was one step ahead of the supporters

  15. What a player he is has it all goals, skill, could pick a pass, won big games for this club seriously missing him just now with this bad run of form we are in. Our loss has been Juve’s gain

  16. The music to this video is awesome! Please I need the names of every remix!

  17. I miss him already

    He was one of our best players

    How was he so good at backheels

  18. Just think him and cecs Fabregas

  19. You will be always be remembered as gunners Rambo

  20. Love you Rambo thank you for all the years you've stayed by out side through the ups and downs of arsenal thank you Rambo we love you. ❤️😭😃

  21. Let's not forget this is the guy who brought happiness to the whole arsenal nation after breaking that 9 year trophy drought

  22. Ramsey, what a poor boy. Arsenal's Prince since Robert Pires. We love you so much. A player who can make a difference with Arsenal. True Arsenal blood. I hope you can make a difference too with Juventus, hope you can be a big star in that club.

  23. the only player who can make arsenal forget about ramsey is donny van de beek. Ramsey and DVB is similar in their playing style both are goalscoring and great box to box midfielder. DVB has a huge potential to become ones of the best. His off the ball movement is deadly insane. He can be a big threat to arsenal midfield. DVB can score a goal. Winning the ball back and great vision. I hope we can sign him in the winter transfer window soon.

  24. The worse thing is that we, juventus fan, think he is a crap (not me). This is why we always lose finals… we deserve to.

  25. Sure is rambo ? He is a artist!!!!

  26. Arsenal never lost a game with Ramsey as captain….

  27. This team will always produce legends… and more to come this season 😏😎😌

  28. Rambo's technique and decision making are top notch

  29. Biggest mistake by arsenal! Most underrated player ever!! Ramsey was literally put in numerous positions season after season and still performed at a high level.
    Plus the guy gets us goals! The boy can defend and get the dirty work done too. He’s far better suited in that cm role alongside torreira than Xhaka. Geundouzi is still young and developing. But emery/arsenal just didn’t give the respect Ramsey deserved. Can’t believe he left arsenal on a free transfer. But players like Solanke are going from liverpool to Bournemouth for around 20mil…! Ramsey is at his prime age too as a midfielder (28 yrs). I’m still in shock with this. Sad truth to accept tbh.

  30. I have never loved any one like I love Ramsey ….I have never even felt so much sadness since Fabregas left🙁🙁

  31. Overrated player. Too many injuries and too many games were he goes missing. Does not score enough goals

  32. Huge loss.. wish it was ozil going on a free..

  33. My best arsenal player ,never been emotional watching football love you rambo always

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