The Sheepdogs – Nobody – Official Music Video

Official video for “Nobody” by The Sheepdogs. From the new album Changing Colours, out now!
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The Sheepdogs are:
Ewan Currie
Ryan Gullen
Sam Corbett
Jim Bowskill
Shamus Currie

Paul Weber – Bar Owner / Announcer
Steve Puchalski – Bartender

Shot on location at The Commercial Tavern in Maryhill, ON Canada

Directed by Ryan Gullen and Mat Dunlap
Director of Photography – Viktor Cahoj
Edited by Ryan Gullen and Mat Dunlap
Produced by Ryan Gullen

1st AD : Mike Gillespie Last Frame Productions
1st AC – Paul Raymond
Gaffer – Adrian Mottram
Key Grip – Josh Danniels
Stunt Coordinator : Randy Butcher / Andrew Butcher
Effects : Area 1 FX
Hair and Makeup – Sara Law
Colour by : Tricia Hagoriles at Alter Ego


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  1. Great song and great young band. Rock on guys!

  2. Some random guy in the comments got me here. Not disappointed atall.. nice one fella

  3. LARGE time, Ryan looks sooooo impressed 😁

  4. Nobody 🤞 just smile , extremely grateful that I can , and Good news is No dark spots on my lungs , thankful to Dr Ferguson and Hospital staff at Mount Sinai hospital. Not sure where my bone ended up, researchers hands

  5. Wish there was more retro sort of music like this great piece

  6. Classic rock radio encompassed in to one song.

  7. Why are they so underated? Oh yeah their music isn't commercial.

  8. how in hell can you not love it

  9. Love ya cuz glad to have you apart of our family great band just like uncle carle

  10. Gay bass line. Definitely no Les Claypool .

  11. I just love the flow of rhythm in this song… really cool yet eased up.

    I stumbled on them cos this song played on local radio.
    Can anybody maybe tell me how long they are in the country rock business?

    And is there a way to get their cd's in Netherlands?
    I took liberty of figuring out the lyrics and write em down.

    Searching for something in these same old streets
    The thought of leaving never tasted so sweet
    Tonight I'm going downtown with all these fools
    I got the feeling that I just can't lose
    Hey bartender, do you understand?
    I need a good woman and a rock and roll band
    I got my Mojo down, ones and twos

    Always running to keep up with the blues, I'm saying

    Nobody is gonna bring me down
    Nobody is gonna turn me 'round

    No, no, no

    Across the desert on a mission tonight
    We hit the city limits with the sun in our eyes
    We got the James Brown on the radio
    I turn it up just as loud as it goes
    I got the feeling that I can't be beat
    I got a pretty mamma in the passenger seat
    She said I don't know how you live so fast

    Well, don't slow down 'cause it might be the last

    Nobody is gonna bring me down
    Nobody is gonna turn me 'round


    Is gonna bring me down
    Nobody, yeah!

    Is gonna turn me 'round

    Nobody is gonna bring me down
    Nobody is gonna turn me 'round

    (Nobody, yeah)

  12. I think they need to turn down the Hi Hat a tad

  13. This band and song is so terrible

  14. Black Keys brought me here.

  15. love this feeling good song. great show in East Aurora guys!

  16. I checked this out because the name sounded like they just didn't give a fuck about trends and cared more about music. I was right. Glad I checked it out. I'm gonna go check out some more. Props.

  17. #Southern🍑Rock✌️

  18. We get it, Sheepdogs. You like classic rock.

  19. Awesome solo , tabarnac

  20. Funny! Great Sense Of Humor.Thxs.

  21. Tune in radio brought me here. I hear ABB as well as Greatful Dead, even a little Paul M and Wings. Ok and some Jackson Brown. Damn good band!!!!

  22. I've seen these guys in Tennessee, Canada, and soon in Scotland. Just a Vancouver Island girl who loves this band!

  23. Thank you TuneIN, this kind of music is why I haven't given up on radios 🇧🇷🇨🇦

  24. Why is Eric Lennon/John Clapton on the drums?

  25. I don't know what it is about this song but good music isn't dead tet

  26. Such a happy tune with Jimmysgreat guitar playing. Can’t wait until next month at The Garage in Glasgow seen them every time since they supported The Temperance Movement at Barrowlands

  27. Very uplifting & cheery!!👌🏻

  28. and now im off to watch roadhouse

  29. Estava escutando trap e do nada vim parar aqui

  30. So, is this Nobody’s business?

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