THE POWER OF LIGHT AND LOVE! // Origins Of Olympus // Minecraft Roleplay #9

Welcome to My Origins of Olympus Episode 9~! Please do leave a like if you enjoyed! Mwah!

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  1. I honestly thought Bryan was going to kiss Momiji! But yes, I'm aware the character is gay, but Momiji doesn't! Does that mean she'll get rejected… I wonder if she'll find a partner, who, who?!

  2. 4:31 me when my teacher gives me an extra day to finish my project

  3. So is Ritchie gonna be sad about this? Orrrrrrrrrrrr?

  4. No one
    British people:can I get a bouwa of waoter

  5. Momiji:hides
    Me:what he gonna do to u pull out gun?!?

  6. I like how he shows her this big huge house and she doesn’t even have a bed in her shrine

  7. momiji should be with ricardo not bryan momiji and ricardo would be an cute coulpe yuik pls make momiji fall in love with ricardo

  8. Aw I thought Momiji was going deck Daveed or curse him or something :c i demand blood!!!! Fight fight fight!

  9. Big titty fox girl hmm… thought I would never hear those words from a Minecraft roleplay

  10. Bryan xJon :3 and I love your videos!!!!!! ❤️🧡💛💛💙💜💖🖤

  11. Oooooooo!!! the clap back insults from both Momiji and Daveed,
    if I was Momiji I would have slapped him silly dang that was intense!!

  12. Momiji, Bryan and Jyles are like a squad-
    With Momiji technically being the mom/popular one, Bryan is the "no homo" dude and Jyles is the flirt-
    I just collected things from my group, please don't @ me–

  13. This episode was really good, i kinda ship Momiji with like a lot of peopel T^T

  14. I love these episodes so much yuki you are amazing keep up the good work 😁

  15. Daveed hears momiji talking: OH MY GODS IT TALKS
    Me: she is a deity

  16. “I’ll show you what’s not PG!”

    -… are members of an elite squad known as the Special Victims Unit. These are their stories.
    D U N D U N

  17. 10:33
    Momiji: That's it, I can't take anymore
    Jyles: *Mumbles Quietly* That's what she said.(I heard that Jon!)

  18. Daveed just tearing into Momiji

  19. Them bloopers had me dying, they were amazing 😂

  20. I noticed the Greek demigods are rather judgemental about the parents of certain children… it seems that they like to judge people based on their parent and not by their selves. For example, Jyles and Soren, both are not liked as much because of their godly parent.(though Soren hasnt revealed his yet to the others, I think) From what they were talking about anyway.

  21. I love Bryan rn. Like first he BOWS down to Momiji and thanks her for the luck she gave him. And then Jyles is like, "Bryan would never do something so superstitious." And Bryan's like, "I'll do it." And lastly he says, "Toodles" TOODLES!!!!

  22. To be honest Jyles and Bryan are goals like “what dO yoU wanT arE rEalAtioNshiP to Be” an s my Gay as- was so happy to see that 😂

  23. Oooooo Bryan x Jiles 👀I did not spell that right but okie .-. I swear I’d some how Momiji gets with the “carrot top” / orange rude boi😂 ima be really surprised 😂😭

  24. I love this series so much.❤I really want her curse to be broken and get her revenge.🔥🔥

  25. Jyles x Momiji
    Best Momiji ship

    Change my mind

  26. I ship Momiji and Ricaro…

  27. Jyles face in the thumbnail tho😂

  28. Dang I didn't know Brandon how to type I definitely didn't know it was Fox girls with all the right curves

  29. Bloopers Big tity fox girl

  30. who here hopes Ricarro gets this girl. 🖐me

  31. I feel so bad for Jyles- he seems like an awesome dude

    But he can't take Bryan, Bryan is only for Jakey/River.. Even though Bryan friend zoned him-

  32. The more daveed talks the more I want to punch his mouth in but those bloops tho “big titty waifu” 💀😂

  33. sees thumbnail

    this is adorable but rip the ship bryans gay..

  34. She gnna get big rejected when she finds out he big gay

  35. This is a very funny episode!But u should put adorable ricaro in more episodes i wuld love to see him!

  36. Jyle's and Brian are perfect in an imperfect way. If they end up together, please let the confession be under a Cherry Blossom tree. That would be the best cliche scene EVER!

  37. Is momiji gonna have a thing for Bryan but then realise he's gay?

  38. What if you unconsciously cursed David with bad luck (and I mean really bad luck but it doesn't cost much because he already had bad luck) and with Bryan does this mean you now have charm speak?


  40. Ricarro or lychee aaaa I can't decide ᕕ( ཀ ʖ̯ ཀ)ᕗ

  41. Jyles uses uncomfortableness on Momoji it’s supper effective
    Also I love the interaction between Momoji and the other characters I’m also interested if she’ll figure out some of the Greek secrets

  42. Ricarro and Mimiji has to be the best ship, but like, Bryan and Momiji could be cute if he wasn’t gay, but Momiji just needs to be an Independent woman UwU But like, ships can happen💜💜AND THAT GUY AT THE END, LIKE F- OFF, NO ONE CAN CALL OUR MOMIJI A DOG, WERES THE REST IF THE ARMY, WE NEED TO KILL HIM 🤣


  44. I am loving this so far, I love a good kitsune, they are so adorable! 😍😈💗💗💗💗


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