The Dillards – Nobody Knows/Hey Boys/Hard Times (Playboy After Dark, 1970)

Live performance by the Darlin’ Boys on this classic, syndicated music show… Captured this awhile back after seeing it on Herb Pedersen’s Facebook. You know how it is, sometimes you stumble upon these things and they disappear and you never see them again, so you gotta grab ’em fast. If you’re the one who made this clip available originally, thanks!

Here, they perform “Nobody Knows” and “Hey Boys” (both from the Wheatstraw Suite album) and “Hard Times”.

This performance originally aired on May 26, 1970. Note Rodney’s Ovation guitar and Mitch’s beard – two trademarks of the ’70s Dillards.


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  1. Great band, such a ridiculous venue! I can't imagine those women were much into the music. So phony, right up there with when the Dead played on the show. The band looks mortified!

  2. Those very lucky people who were there had a great time! I saw them in 1973 in Virginia; it was like seeing the Beatles. They were so genuine and talented; what harmonies. The best. Thanks!

  3. When it comes to bluegrass, no-one can touch the Dillards. This is rare colour footage of their best line-up.

  4. Had a fortune teller looked into her crystal ball before this happened, and foretold that one day I'd see my two favorite things, the Dillards and Barbie Benton in the same video, I'd have turned to a pillar of salt in disbelief, as the chances of a bluegrass band and the world's most famous Playboy bunny, the "brunette Barbie doll" Barbie Benton miraculously appearing adjacent to one another at that time were about zero point zero zero percent.

  5. Well now I've seen everything. Thank you YouTube. The Dillards on Hugh's show.Doing a few of their better known songs. Saw them many times around Toronto back in the day. Bluegrass Canada , The Brunswick House etc. Looks like Hugh's girls and boys are really enjoying themselves stomping around the room.  Great.But if one of them went  out and bought a Bluegrass record – I'll eat my bunny ears.

  6. Oh wow! Barbie Benton! Hmm, looks-pre,Playboy! 😁? &, we see the “cross-over” efforts of the “executives”! Along with, the “lame – elites” attempt at “rapid – clogging”!! 😂🤣

  7. Is that Doug Dilliard on the banjo? It doesn't look like him.

  8. Is that Doug playing the banjo? Doesn't look like him??

  9. Herb Pederson is amazing with his solid and interesting back-up licks while busy with so much harmony singing.

  10. Mitch Jayne was a funny guy.

  11. Love this and the Copperfields album, but my hero from this band is totally Herb Pedersen. One of the absolute best harmony voices. Timeless. And I'm thankful for having met him in person.

  12. I LOVE this band… You can trace a certain kind of AMERICANA from THE DILLARDS to THE EAGLES to REM… (You really can…) RESPECT… xx SF

  13. So your telling me that Rodney doesn't sing "hey boys"? I need to go think about my life.

  14. Is that Herb Peterson on the banjo?

  15. The Darlings from the Andy Griffith Show

  16. who's on drums?, those brushes are sweet

  17. Great live performance of a great song from a great album of this great band! Also great: how much Rodney looks like Gomer Pyle in these old videos!

  18. Oh My Gawd. The Dillards on the Playboy Circuit featuring Hugh Hefner, Bimbo Barbie and the twelve sluts!

  19. I think that they, along with Dillard&Clark really bridged rock and grass (not rock and country). The Dillards kept leaned a bit toward the bluegrass and harmonies, while Dillard and Clark leaned a bit more toward rock. Both brilliant, both overlooked and vastly underrated for their influences on bands that followed.

  20. Top bit of footage, all those phoney hipsters. The Dillards are something else.

  21. The harmonies in "Hey Boys" are just sublime. 🙂

  22. Not really sure about the whole hillbillie-hippie thing.

  23. If you've got any more clips of the boys live they'd be gratefully received

  24. I absolutely love the Dillards. Saw them in Burlington, Iowa in 1979. Best live band ever. But the best part of this video is Hefner's interview. Have you ever seen anything more painful in your life. Rodney's joke goes right over his head and the alleged master of Hip come across as clueless. Wonderful video, thanks so much for posting.

  25. I saw the Dillards in Pasadena, Cal. in the 60's & he'd be smoking the pipe while they performed & every once in a while he'd just put the pipe in his back pocket while it was still lit!! Didn't miss a beat! The internet made it possible for folks like us who enjoy other than just mainstream music to enjoy our fav's easier.

  26. The Dillards influenced so many with their superb musicianship and awesome harmonies!

  27. I love how Mitch is smoking a pipe!

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