The delinquent Ji Hyo is back! She look like an Angry Bird [Running Man Ep 500]

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  1. I missed angry jihyo so much lmaooo I want more and worsee

  2. sechan is so funny my stomach cramps out of laughinggggggg

  3. lmao sechan!! look what u did to jihyo🤣🤣

  4. This scene is so funny. I laughed so hard when i watched it 🤣🤣

  5. I don't think jihyo needed to be funny or what to someone anymore or she doesn't need to prove anything anymore, cause she already did years and years ago.

  6. I miss this jihyo so much, we love you jihyo without her it's not even running man anymore

  7. I love this episode, I love seeing bad jihyo back and most definitely emotional to see all the recap of every 100 episode when they showed the full cast when song jong ki and Gary was still in running man

  8. Where the angry birds song?? Why they didn't play it???

  9. jaesuk read sechan's move to jihyo.

  10. Korean fans : I like all members
    International fans : I hate new members

    That why korean people hate international fans because sometimes they try to look more korean than korean itself 😂

  11. Original Jihyo is Backkk

  12. Like i predicted….. In IG…. They started to hate on PD and Scriptwriter ….. 🤣🤣🤣🤣 ….

  13. This part and Ji Hyo's turn to play cham cham cham had me laughing so hard

  14. I was laughing in tears. Sechan is so witty and angry Jihyo is the best 😂😂

  15. We love Song ji hyo♥♡♥ fighting!!!

  16. When she did the cham cham cham dance, i thought it was Yura Girls Day lol

  17. waiting for the scene where jihyo does the same to se chan later on

  18. This ep really funny . I think a new PD and stuff are changing running man to better version

  19. No one gonna mention mijoo for going along with it…

  20. I love how jihyo set the tone by showing that females can do this challenge too. Bc after she did it first, the rest of the female idol guests said they wanted to do it too

  21. Im really happy she went to go first rather than sechan bcz because of that the other girls went for a go too

  22. Definitely my favorite segment in Running Man 2020 episodes 😂😆 Jongguk's at the back loving this 😂😂😆

  23. Se chan try to make her get more screen time 😁

  24. 0:20 song jihyo so pretty😍

  25. It's funny cause Yang Se chan always give Song ji hyo unnie a highlight in the show🤣👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻 it's such a relief that unnie is comfortable with him♥️

    Also, Yoo jae suk oppa and the rest of team supports her!!! Such a great teamwork!!

  26. As always Se Chan such a disappointment.

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