The BEST Sweet Dreams TV & Music for You and Your Dog in Isolation! NEW 2020!

The BEST Sweet Dreams TV & Music for You and Your Dog in Isolation! NEW 2020! – Isolation is stressful, boring and difficult, but it can be made that much easier for you and your dog with this gorgeous drone footage adventuring through snowy winter wonderland combined with the most divine relaxing music to help you and your dog relax and sleep easily!

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Relax My Dog are experts in creating relaxing music to help calm your dog and help dogs to sleep. Our music is composed in-house by our team of producers and is useful for a variety of problems and situations. If your dog has sleeping problems, anxiety problems or is stressed during fireworks and thunderstorms, you should try our music and watch your dog relax before your eyes!

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  1. 10 minutes in and nothing. I’ll keep playing it though!

  2. Would love to know where this is filmed. Gorgeous 🐾

  3. My toy poodle Ari was so deprived about her loss of one of her puppies, being raped by my other dog during heat. Ari gave birth to 2 alive pups. When I put this music on she was left calm with her 2 puppies. Everyone don't worry the vet thought that one of her puppies died. She had 4 pups but only three survived. Thank you so much.. keep up the good work. I hope my baby gets better. Enjoy quarantine, cause we will. Thank you again. 🙂

  4. This works for my dog

  5. I’m chewy! I’m so relaxed with your videos!

  6. nice video for wait !

  7. You better hurry before that poor dog is FROZEN !!!!!

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