The 5 RULES ALL SUPPORTS MUST KNOW to RANK UP – Best Tips and Tricks | Dota 2 Pro Guide (Immortal)

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In this Dota 2 guide, pro coach Speeed covers the top 5 BEST and MOST OVERLOOKED rules all supports must know to carry games and rank up fast to Immortal! Use these pro tips and tricks to carry as a support hero, whether position 4 or 5, and farm some easy MMR via ganks, warding and perfect team fights!

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  1. It’s annoying when you always say heroes/items are broken when they’re really not

  2. I like the last clip on how they let CM got the Rampage

  3. Me: Buy Ward, Tango, and Ironwood

    Speed: It's Brokeeeen !!!!!!!

  4. So in Dota, you play support like adcs in League without csing.

  5. in crusader rank

    support : gather for smoke of deceit here
    carry : i go solo

  6. Man,even in DotA 1 ppls buyed dust…
    How you say glimer is brocken…
    I prefer lotar!!!

  7. Support easy to kill?I wanna see you kill my lion.

  8. No matter how much you stacks,or buy ward & smokes.if you have an Asshole cor that game is over.account buyers & Noobs are just wasting your supporting.not even Kuroky or N0tail can win those games

  9. I used grim in a ranked game once, we have lion as position 4. We were in SEA server
    We were owning the game, no one was complaining about anything. I bought ward, i spammed my skill, secure space, and so on.
    Then, this lion was complaining about my positioning, he said i need to get closer on a teamfight.
    I had aether lens and took the cast range talent.

    I died twice, and this lion died like 10 or something.

    He was still complaining even after we won the game, omegalul

  10. Every single advice is all about what you, as an individual, should do, and that doesn't do anything. How many games have you lost with perfect stats, perfect calls? It's simply not up to you. It's a team based game and it doesn't reward your individual effort at all.

  11. i never knew positioning is so important for support….so glad that i watch video

  12. I am playing Support in Crusader and i am always buying brown boots and a Magic Stick depending on the lane and then RUSH Glimmer Cape. I am also always checking their Item and try to find out where the wards are. The only thing i didn't really got is the Smoke Gameplay and Positioning is also a big problem. Also i have problems playing consistantly i am playing some games really well and then i am throwing it the next game. I really want to get better and reach a new level of dota. My luck was that i am playing with Immortals and Divine players and i can hold on in those games. We get ranked against Legend V – Divine V and i can hold on with them. But when i played solo queue now i realised that this is not anymore my bracket. Although it is possible to carry as a support when your carrys are throwing the game by just going solo into 5 and saying, I KILL THEM ALL i always lose the game. I started now to play ranked on my 2. Account and got ranked into Divine 1 but i am really frustrated that the low elo is like a hell where you never can get out without good friends.

  13. Great video honestly has made me a much better support flying through the ranks :)!

  14. Almost every game i play as support, i get Glimmer Cape and Force Staff. Both items saving lives.

  15. Could not stress the warding for fights part enough.
    Probably the best piece of advice in the video

  16. Always buy regen both mana and hp so youll always be ready for team fights. This mantra made me rank up from archon 1 to ancient 4 in 1 month.

  17. For low mmr/rank if you want to play pos 4-5 you need to make sure that you fall into one of these criteria
    1)you hate yourself or you are a masochist.
    2)you hate creeps killing.
    3)espscially pos5, like getting gangbang by everyone in the match.
    If you're in one of those you have to
    – embrace carry's idiocy.
    – there are chance that pos5 just doesn't give a fuck and just went for core item instead of ward or support item. In this case just go pos5 instead
    – if you're lucky, ask teammates nicely and they'll buy wards, smoke, dust for you.
    – normally pos5 gives mid 1-2 tango at the beginning of the match not pos4. there are exceptions but this would be ideal.
    – force staff, glimmer cape, wards, smoke, that mana boots or green boots are your best friend, not your teammate. Buy them!!
    – as pos4 you may want to pick a hero that can fuck enemy pos1 and/or pos 5 up instead of ones that can keep pos 3 alive.
    – getting blame is part of playing support. Just don't get upset about it.

  18. What do you mean by trading??

  19. What do you mean with trading?

  20. Buy smoke…
    Stand in a safe spot
    Ping let's smoke for 2 minutes
    No one comes
    Watch carries get 5manned

  21. I always do the checking on wards of the enemy before dewarding and warding. Cant believe it is important. Thanks game leeeeap!

  22. My friend which his a ignorant guy always says his support he don't buy dust he don't buy glimmer Cape or force staff and he went to buy deso lol

  23. Smoke to Rosh… team doesn't listen for 10 mins un huh

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