The 15 best PC games of 2016

What an incredible year it’s been in PC gaming. Here are the best of the best – the unmissable titles of 2016.

00:36 – XCOM 2
01:07 – Firewatch
01:35 – Dark Souls III
02:12 – Stellaris
02:57 – Doom
03:39 – Overwatch
04:04 – Inside
04:49 – World of Warcraft: Legion
05:07 – Gears of War 4
05:39 – Battlefield 1
06:17 – Civilization VI
06:51 – Titanfall 2
07:27 – Dishonored 2
07:51 – Forza Horizon 3
08:23 – Watch Dogs 2

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  1. your game collection is so bad. How do you have 104k subs

  2. There are some strategy games on this list and not all people like those type of games. Perhaps thats the reason some people are calling it a bad list.

    Its all subjective guys. Someone may like or dislike a game according to his own playstyle. Make gaming fun. Don't destroy it with negativity and we can all agree to disagree.

  3. After 4 Souls games*
    (Demon Souls, ds1, ds2, Bloodborne)

  4. Jesus this video is so well produced. How do you only have 40k subs?

  5. following this channel right now !!! keep it honest guys !!

  6. GoW 4?Not by a long shot.Also,D2 is overrated,more like Dishonored v. 1.06…Good site and good channel.

  7. wait, gear of war 4 is on PC now ??

  8. Um Witcher 3 Blood and Wine might be an expansion but it is better than 2/3 of this list.

  9. Good list, except for dh2… it runs like crap and had so many issues on pc, and giving it a good score just shows developers that they can keep handing over crappy ports to the pc

  10. "The worst thing you can say about dishonored 2…" Is it is bloody buggy and runs like shit. Giving the developer a pass for this is just shoddy, and is just another reason why more and more people are turning away from half rate gaming media like this and using trusted youtube reviewers who call a spade a spade.

  11. great video ! keep up the good work

  12. the last bit "if you have a different opinion on which was the best game of 2016, please post it in the comments below. We would be happy to correct you" 😂😂😂

  13. wait, only two comments ?

    Nice list guys!

  14. thanks for the upload I was so bored at work

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