Swimmer Arm Pits! Little Ponies! Dog Eye Care! | Weird Internet Games w/ Mithzan, Shubble!

Shaving female swimmers arm pits? Cleaning up after a Pony? Becoming a dog eye doctor? Yes Pleas

Oh Hey! Welcome to weird internet games w/ Max (Mithzan) and Shelby (Shubble)! Today we each took turns playing a bunch of different very weird internet games! If you want to see the games they played you’re gonna have to check them out!

Why not check out these neat people! –
Max –
Shelby –

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What is the Weirdest game you have played?

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Hey guys I wanted to clear some things up for those of you who have been out of the loop. I did leave the Sky Offices. We’re all still FRIENDS I just don’t work in the same building as them. Please do not spread rumors.

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  1. Dogs can actually see shades of blue and yellow and grey

  2. I actually take care of horses and for some reason I and others I know love mucking(cleaning poop) stalls.

  3. Peppa what are you doing on my phone screen?

  4. Does No one but Ross know what Dog with a Blog is!?
    This is how many people know Dog with a Blog:

  5. HEY!!! I actually really liked dog with a blog it's a great show and I'd watch it again!!!!

  6. Doctor: Say Colorado!

    Stan: IM A GIRAFFE

  7. Can I just say that Dog with a Blog was my favorite show? Can I also say I forgot about it?

  8. *Thunder Lips Explosion._

  9. I died a little bc my irl name is Bella 😂😂😂😂😂🤣😭😭🤣😭

  10. Does anyone else actually like dog with a blog?

  11. I’m so sad my name is Bella this weird game as the same name 😂

  12. Who’s watching this In 2018 December


  14. Dogs do see colour but there colour blind DUH and i love you vids

  15. Dog with a Blog was such an old series I miss it😭😭😭

  16. Do you want the show friends?
    Because one of the characters are named Ross

  17. Dogs only seen shades of blue Yellow and a little bit of green

  18. I a 12 year old girl AND I DONT PLAY THESE GAMES

  19. When Ross said thunder lips my mind went straight to thunder thighs and then my brain added Magee
    Thunder thighs Magee

  20. she looks like a 23-year-old woman

  21. Today I got bullied and I watched one of your videos won’t show me videos wanna max videos and want to just videos and ever since then I couldn’t stop smiling keep up the great work and always stay positive

  22. Dogs can see in color they just can’t tell the difference between colors like orange and red

  23. Okay any other Americans getting bombarded with trumps voting ads?

  24. Don't worry Ross, I agree. Dog With a Blog is my life too.

  25. Nope dogs can see a little bit of Color

  26. And Bella lost the competition, because all of her skill cells were in her armpit

  27. Actually, eye patches do work. If one eye is weaker than the other, eye doctors have you cover the strong eye with the eye patch, so the weaker one gets stronger because u use it more often. I have had two friends who wore eye patches (sometimes)

  28. False! Dogs can see colours but only like 2 or 3 and can see all the shades those colours have

  29. I have meet the dog from dog with a blog and it was so soft and it was so cute


  31. Actually dogs can see in colour and some in grey

  32. Dogs can’t see red or other warm colours other than yellow but they can see blues, greens, browns and yellows

  33. Dis is realy realy wierd but i like wierd 😏

  34. dirty twilight is me after i have gone in the woods


  36. I’m a swimmer and I should tell you none of the stuff extra thing you did actually help

  37. Dogs arnt actually color blind while use humand can see the full visual section of the spectrum dogs are blind to the colors red and green

  38. I ride horses so that also means i have to pick up after my horse…..And I'm pretty sure u don't pick up horse crap with a BRUSH!!!!!!!

  39. Twilight doesn’t have a cutie mark.

  40. My name is Bella and I am really weirded out

  41. You sound like trash shubble better

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