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Sound That Makes Your Dogs and Puppies to Tilt their Head Left & Right. Even though dogs can hear frequencies we can’t, they’re actually not as good as humans at finding out where a sound is coming from. Some experts believe that when a dog tilts its head, it’s trying to adjust the pinnae, or outer ears, to better detect where a sound is coming from. So when you’re making a weird noise, your dog might be thinking, “That’s weird. I better find out if that sound is really coming from my human.” The head tilt may be a response to visual cues, not just auditory. Stanley Coren of Psychology Today suggests that a dog’s muzzle might make it difficult to see the source of a sound. By tilting their heads, dogs are better able to see our faces and read our expressions, which they are also very good at. Dogs do plenty of cute things, but there are few behaviors more adorable than the head tilt. I make plenty of strange noises around my pups just to see if they’ll tilt their heads to the side in a quizzical look of confusion. Most dog owners can tell you that the head tilt means a dog is intrigued and experiencing something out of the ordinary. But why do they do it? Well experts say that the head tilt has a lot to do with a dog’s ability to empathize. Dogs have evolved to be very good at understanding humans. They can read our body language, facial gestures, and speech patterns to empathize with us. They even recognize certain words and vocal tones and associate them with playtime, walks, or food. When they tilt their heads, it’s possible that they are trying to filter what we are saying to pick out those familiar parts of our language.

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  1. This sound made my black lab howl for the first time its a
    puppy crying – what does your dog do when it hears this ?

  2. That 2nd one actually worked…

  3. My dog loved this! ❤️😂

  4. My dog almost cried on the first one

  5. My dog just told his head but then he almost ate my phone

  6. My puppy petunia tilted her head Soo badly her neck broke. Lol

  7. It works my dog was tilting his head back and forth

  8. My dog just is busy in tilting

  9. The pheasant made my dog hide under the table

  10. My dog was laying down looking outside and automatically looked at me and tilted her head.

  11. It actually works he turned his head my dog and my boyfriend

  12. I was playing this while cuddling with my dog and when the puppy crying was playing she was looking for a puppy! She is so cute!

  13. This actually works lmao

  14. It works 😂😂😂

  15. My dog ran away from me when he heard the puppy crying

  16. My dog tilts his head alot and this video made him tilt his head xD

  17. The squeaky toy 1 got my dog crazy

  18. My dog tilt his head😂

  19. Both my dogs are going nuts searching for quarantine puppies now.

  20. ty! it worked and my boxer turned his head the furthest that I've seen him go

  21. Fun fact: you searched for this

  22. Totally works with my Pitbull

  23. My dog tilted her head and then pounced on my phone

  24. My dog did not care!
    My dog: yo I don't know what the fuck where listening to but sure it's nothing!

  25. Every dog sound :

    My dog: tilts head

  26. My dog tilt her head! 😂🤣

  27. No baby don't cry😁😁😁😁

  28. When I did the very first sound my dog started searching because she lost a 4 puppies at birth and saw them dead

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