so I played on Random Skywars Servers..

Playing on Scuffed Skywars servers was quite interesting.. like and sub for more :v

Rilly 4k Pack Revamp:

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#1 Mineplex:
#3 HiveMC:
#4 Cubecraft:

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  1. From cubecraft u can vote items u should vote the stone sword with 3 steak an u cluld speed run and kill 2 player or knock them out
    I do that in mobile '-'

  2. mineplex's kb is so scuffed

  3. Olá Sr. Rilly. Eu sou o criador do SKYWARS CYBER 3.0, o mais BIZARRO de TODOS. Gostaria de passar lá? Eu seto VANTAGEM YOUTUBER P/ você. Seria uma honra. Experimente o mapa PACTOWERS.

  4. Please record on mineplex we need a boost in players

  5. Dude i get so triggered IN THE HIVE MINE DIAAAAA xD

  6. Rilly be like when he dies-HE’S A HACKER!!!!!

  7. Play on universocraft next time its pretty easy to win skywars there

  8. Hypixel have secret room no one know

  9. Lol on hive u have to mine diamonds

  10. Try server qplay. It's cze, but quite good for skywars.

  11. I played Skywars on Hive for long time, while i was banned on Hypixel.

    Good video bro <3

  12. I remember we were mods together for Ryan 🤣🥺

  13. Cubecraft is the best server lol i used to play so much there i don’t even play Minecraft anymore

  14. Count how many times "boys" is said in the video

  15. hive skywars is what i played before hypixel XD

  16. Dude I’ve been subscribed for over 3 years but like seriously, you say God’s name in vein SO MUCH and “Jesus Christ” as a swear word every video. And on top of that at the end of the video you say “Thank The Lord.” WHICH IS IT. You can do whatever you want but I’m not sure I’ll watch anymore. I’ll stay subbed though. I know I’ll get “flamed” in the comments for this but I don’t care. It just really triggers me, so I’m nicely telling you I won’t watch.

  17. I play skywars on hive and u should've mined the diamond ores to get diamond armor n tools XDD anyways good vid man 😀

  18. Realy nice footage in the intro, very cinematic 😀

  19. if you guys do want to learn more about HiveMC Skywars the no.1 player, Rinjani has a youtube channel where she uploads strategies and tips for the gamemode ^^

  20. Mineplex skywars sucks cause there is no healing and no way to prevent cleaning, and the starter loot isn't as balanced as hypixels

  21. love it rilly and love your channel buddy, i subscribed and Do Minecraft VIDEOS TOO!! FEEL FREE TO CHECK OUT

  22. Can we get an f in chat for all the times rilly died

  23. | This is how many times Rilly said "boys"

  24. "Random skywars servers" Mineplex

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