Singapore extends partial lockdown until June 1 as infections surge

Singapore will extend a partial lockdown until June 1 to curb a sharp rise in coronavirus infections in the city-state, Prime Minister Lee Hsien Loong said on Tuesday (April 20).

The city-state reported 1,111 new coronavirus cases, bringing total infections to 9,125, after a record daily jump of 1,426 cases on Monday.

Lee said the extended lockdown period would help bring community cases down decisively and make sure infections in migrant dormitories do not spread into the wider community.



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  1. Why show bad news about SG? That's not very flattering you know? How can?

  2. Please do covid19 test in singapore before return to Malaysia. Quarantine them 14days at hostel JB before released. Must Limit only 300 people per/day exit CIQ.

  3. Anyone knows the update of Mr. Kim?

  4. Stay at Home 🏠🏠👍👍

  5. Singapore failed coz they overlook the immigrants workers cleanliness and hygiene

  6. "Circuit breaker starting to have an effect"
    Like what an increase of Covid19 cases and an increase in joggers and cyclist exercising in groups outside?
    Useless Prime minister… Too afraid to make a firm decision on isolation. Circuit breaker in Singapore is a joke.

  7. Alamak takutnya…entah2 malaysia pun ada undetected reservoir jugak ni

  8. Presumption is the root to all evil.
    Why do you think the authorities disallow people to even hang out at the gates of their own house compounds?

  9. Hooray more until end of the year next year on and on

  10. Jingle bell jingle bell happy exending singapore

  11. Singapore will need to what it got to do. Malaysia must do the same, make covid testing more accessible and more affordable to everyone ! Pay attention to the migrant workers & refugees population !! They can be the next cluster !

  12. Get ready…tomorrow the volume of malaysian workers returning from singapore through johor CIQ will increase…

  13. June 1? Damn….our economic will collapse sir..

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