S.Korea On Speculations Over Kim Jong-Un [News Today / 2020.04.22]

S.Korea On Speculations Over Kim Jong-Un [News Today / 2020.04.22]

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  1. Brain dead since April 15th.

  2. I hope that the chairman Kim is ok and he is a likeable fella and he is not the boogie man that many people who have the belief that he is I just don't share their views on the chairman Kim I strongly believe that we will hear good news about the chairman Kim

  3. Kim Jong-Un ,,,even if he DIEs ,,his soul will haunt Mad Trump till Trump goes CRAZY

  4. Kim Jong-Un ,,,even if he DIEs ,,his soul will haunt Mad Trump till Trump goes CRAZY

  5. We hope Kim Jong Un well..

  6. His father was ill he is un-well

  7. Outrages thug !😡🔥🤪

  8. Hopefully he'll have a slow painful death

  9. Kim eats Chinese far too often.

  10. The doctors were probably murdered

  11. I always wonder why the military won't rebel and throw him away. It's not like he can do anything without the army.

  12. In Japan, heart surgeon, very best……

  13. Burn in hell Kim you deserve it.

  14. 부도덕과 건강 지구의 희망이 우리를 만드는 이유는 당신이 Kin Jong Un을 원하는 것입니다.

  15. Kim jong un 1984 —2020

  16. Bring him to the u.s.a best drs here

  17. Let him die …murderer

  18. My sources say that he is brain-dead.

  19. Trump gave him the fat virus. After meeting with trump, Kim gained weight, a lot of weight.
    He gave trump, the stable virus.
    Trump is now, the stable genius.

  20. Is Kim having a self imposed lock down?

  21. Kim han sol, this is your chance now, go back to korea and save them

  22. I would not trust the world media on this subject. Likely more fake news from them. I think that South Korean media would be more reliable.

  23. Trudeau’s buddy is missing. Justie admires Kim and all communists. Hopefully he’s ok and just having a vacation like all working folks deserve.

  24. Rest in peace Kim Jong Gey 😂

  25. God – that body language. Just shouts "thug".

  26. Holy shit…..his sister will be the leader of the most rogue nation on the planet…..

  27. How did this story even start? I mean, I believe something is going on because Trump hasn't said anything except he hopes he is well. All these other rumors about him being brain dead or having a heart attack, not sure how anyone knows the details. Still, him not showing up for his grandfather's ceremony is very suspicious, and he has internet, and would know that this is a top story.

  28. He's sitting in his bedroom playing his new Nintendo Switch and entertaining some 12 year old girls.

  29. May because of corona viruses her not coming out he in isolation him self.

  30. Only doctor Park Hoon from South Korea can save him…

  31. The only fat man in an entire country.

  32. Fuck, he’s still alive

    We’ll get em next time

  33. Kim is my hero

  34. News reporter is hot and se** 😍😍😍😍😍😍😍

  35. Fatboy bomb is brain dead💀🥀💀

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