Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Review

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days reviewed by TJ Hafer on PC.

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  1. It looks like someone explained hotline Miami to somebody w/o showing them and decided to throw resivoir dogs into it

  2. reservoir dogs: Bloody days more like reservoir Miami

  3. Tried this game and its crap

  4. Removed from Steam awhile ago.

  5. Well from some of the gameplay footage we just saw Mr Orange apparently isn’t a cop in this game as he was shooting at the cops and the cops where shooting at him

  6. love Reservoir Dogs but wtf is this at least try ffs Quentin throwing property's at least make a kill bill game

  7. 2/10 IGN
    Not enough dogs in reservoirs

  8. Reservoir Dogs: Hotline Miami

  9. How come no one has brought up Super Time Force? Because that's obviously where this game's "one clever idea" comes from.

  10. Grçaficos de Neo Geo en pleno siglo XXI. Muy buen trabajo señores. Se nota su esmero…

  11. That moment in the future where a bum trys to sell you shit, in this case bums

  12. Why didn't they make a Reservoir Dogs Telltale Series?

  13. Hotline Miami 3 coming soon

  14. shitty version of hotline miami

  15. Rather play the Ps2 game than this shit.

  16. just give the rights to rockstar games, so we can get a truly great reservoir dogs game.

  17. Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days

    …because "Dog Days" was taken.

  18. IGN going through a review of Reservoir Dogs without any SJWing? IMPOSSIBRU

  19. How did reservoir dogs get two video games? It's not even an action movie, it's a thriller.


  21. This game goes against what the original film really stood for. You never actually saw the robbery take place. I think i'd probably like the game more if it had no involvement with the original movie and was it's own standalone thing.

  22. I still don't understand why this is a thing.

    I'd say money, but for real, who is buying this?

  23. Omg this guys sounds exactly like I AM WILDCAT

  24. Why had I not heard of this game til now

  25. The thumbnail looks like Michael, Franklin and Trevor in the final mission of gta 5 when they threw devin Weston in the ocean

  26. Characters doesn't look like the ones from the movie: 0/10

  27. Maybe it's because I'm not a PC gamer but I didn't even know this was a thing.

  28. I think you guys may be being too generous just so you don't get backlash. If it's garbage, it's garbage

  29. 4/10 – Cheap Hotline Miami Knock-off

  30. i loved the movie but this game looks like shit… what have they done with Mr Pink?

  31. 5.2. Stuck in the piddle with you.

  32. What is this shit? Some indie game thrown together in Unity?

  33. 5.2? They gave Perception a 4.8, and I really like Perception, it's original. Reservoir Dogs is just a bad Hotline Miami ripoff.

  34. Looks like it would have done better if it was an original game and not (kinda) based off the Reservoir Dogs…

  35. Why not just mod payday 2 with reservoir dogs characters and outfits and a couple themed levels

  36. I know there's a Reservoir Dogs line in there somewhere to lampoon this ridiculous game but it escapes me at the moment…

  37. 'looking back on the track for a little green bag'

  38. "Are You Gonna Bark All Day Or Are You Gonna Bite?"

  39. IGN Is having It's monthly period, here's more upcoming low scored games for you!!

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