Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days Reveal Trailer

In celebration of the 25th anniversary of Reservoir Dogs, Big Star Games and Lionsgate have unveiled an action shooter based on the iconic film.

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  1. I dont thumbs up because society says i have to…

  2. what a joke…. except the name, this game has nothing to do with the movie.

  3. "There's a new Reservoir Dogs video game, and it actually looks cool"

    If it weren't for sites like polygon nobody would buy these damn shit games loosely based on movies.

  4. Why stupid people has to ruin good movies?

  5. dam.. was hoping for a real game. Looks fun but not what I hoped for.

  6. Oh wow a game no one asked for, and completely changes the original clever narrative.

  7. looks way worse than the one that came out in 2006.

  8. I don't think this is what Reservoir Dogs is about…

  9. So…this looks like Hotline Miami with bad PS2 graphics and a marketable brand name. Maybe rethink this one

  10. I was genuinely intrigued and a little excited when I clicked on this….. then I saw the gameplay.

  11. 😐 what is this shit……..what is this? 😡

  12. okay video game devs pls hire me I can think of 100 better franchises or books or movies or literally anythings better for your top down twin stick shoot em up game. did they try to go out of their way to pick the worst possible fit?

  13. never have I clicked a thumbnail with more hope in my heart, and never have i had it dashed against the walls of reality and disappointment so quickly and completely

  14. The fuck is this garbage?

  15. Was hoping for a Telltale narrative driven game……noooope

  16. This completely captures the mood and themes of the film

  17. Tarantino would be disappointed.

  18. Directed by Quentin Tarantino.

  19. This is definitely NOT what I expected from a Reservoir Dogs game. People, if you don't know, there already IS a Reservoir Dogs game: released in 2006, published by Eidos, it looks pretty outdated but has interesting gameplay with hostage management, stealth or action, and it shows what every member of the heist did during it (something that doesn't need explanation, but works to the benefit of a game).
    What these developers could have done was to create a dialogue-heavy game in Telltale style, where your choices dictate who is the undercover cop, who dies during the heist gone wrong… it could have been so much more than an isometric shooter 🙁

  20. Absolutely missed the mark ONE HUNDRED PERCENT of what this movie is. What a failed and pathetic attempt at cashing in on this IP.

  21. umm game trailers its not reservior dogs its some random indie game pls rename

  22. Tarantino, how could you let this happen?

  23. Motherfucking, cocksucking, cumguzling, dirty corporate sellout whores…

  24. Why, like seriously? This has nothing to do with the film.

  25. O yea, because that is what made that movie so good. The non stop shooting…….. -_-

  26. I think they're missing the point of Reservoir Dogs.

  27. wow a second one is coming

  28. To quote Eric Cartman "Da fuq, guys?"

  29. I'm actually excited about this.

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