Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – Reveal Trailer

Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days is coming to PC later this year.

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  1. I mean, this doesn't look great, but the number of dislikes is pretty crazy

  2. The movies that deserve a game from Quentin is inglrious bastards and jango

  3. 2006 game is miles ahead of 2017 game. Yes I'm aware this is indie.

  4. Ehhh…..I don't know. It feels a lot like a cheap cash in, if you want a Reservoir Dogs game the PS2 one is available. It's pretty good, considering it's a movie game.

  5. worst game on top ten category list of 2017!

  6. Yeah, this is the complete opposite of the atmosphere in the movie… I think someone missed the point.

  7. This game has nothing to do with reservoir dogs. who even wanted this made.

  8. Reservoir Dogs, a movie about planning and consequences of a heist without showing any actual heist and minimal collateral damage… gets a game where you shoot civilians…

  9. Didn't they had one in 2006 by Volatile games. I thought that one was decent.

  10. the comments highlight the point so well
    even without knowing reservoir dogs, I can tell this doesn't seem right
    only came here cause heard about it being fun but doesn't seem to be more than another top down shooter-a-thon, what it needs is to use its property to make it different than others

  11. I thought this was a remake of the original Xbox game, I was very excited until the video started lol

  12. love this game on the ps2 best game and the music

  13. They don't even show the heist in Reservoir Dogs. This doesn't even make sense.

  14. Uh.
    First Apocalipsis Now, now Reservoir Dogs.

  15. What the fuck is this bullshit

  16. Thought this was a new movie from Tarantino, but instead, it's a twin stick, top-down shooter that has relatively little connection to Reservoir Dogs, one of the best movies ever made in my opinion.

  17. My ass thought it's Red Dead Redemption 2.

  18. really? seriously? why? why why why

  19. anyone else click on this because it looks like a Red Dead Redemption to thumbnail?

  20. Okay fuck you guys, not every fucking game has to be an FPS, this is not only a shooter it's a strategy heist game, so fuck you

  21. Hey publishers, go fuck yourselves. Sincerely, every sane person alive.

  22. Wtf is this shit??

  23. I got so excited when seeing the title… and so upset when seeing the video

  24. It looks a little cool. We'll have to see when it comes out.

  25. Wtf is this trash? When I picture a Reservoir Dogs game, I picture a big budget GTA sandbox-style game. Not this crap.

  26. They're using the Reservoir Dogs brand to sell a shitty game.. Thts a shame.
    I actually got excited thinking they were making a Reservoir Dogs game.. :/

  27. i just watched this movie yesterday!!!

  28. There was another reservoir dogs game in the xbox 1 ps2 era that was way better than this, but still it wasn't that good

  29. Reminds me of loaded on the PS1

  30. wow i was actully impressed for 2 seconds lol

  31. Omg I thought they were remastering the ps2 classic I just died

  32. What. Is. This. Garbage. One of my favorite films turned into a shitty top down shooter with nothing to do with the film. Fuck off.

  33. totally like the movie….

  34. If you're going to make a Tarantino shoot-em-up, go with Kill Bill or something along those lines. There are maybe 4 scenes with gun violence in the movie, is a game that looks like 3D Hotline Miami really the best way to go with this?

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