Reservoir Dogs: Bloody days – Original Soundtrack Stream [Official]


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Tracklist :

00:00 – Reservoir Dogs
01:31 – Mr Blonde
02:36 – Robbery
05:20 – Mr Blue
06:28 – Shooting
09:22 – Mr Brown
10:35 – Rain of bullets
13:41 – Mr Orange
14:50 – Escape
17:32 – Mr Pink
18:32 – Mr White
19:36 – White glove thief

“Reservoir Dogs : Bloody Days” Original Soundtrack. A game by BigGames, BigStar Games and Lionsgate.

Music composed and produced by Damian Sanchez for Sonotrigger Studio.

Guitars and Bass recording by Mike Lorente.
Additional guitars by Damian Sanchez.

Recorded and mixed by Damian Sanchez at Millenia Estudios.
Soundtrack album produced by BigGames.

Download the soundtrack album here :

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  1. Wow didn't know there was a game for this.

  2. Good tunes, man. If you enjoy crank calls and other assorted sundries, hit me up on my page. Please keep composing. I just wish that game had a proper ending (I liked the rest), but I get blue-balled without some form of epilogue or such in a plotline.

  3. such a great soundtrack yet such a horrible game

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