Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – How Bloody ARE The Days? – SEO Play Season 2, Episode 7

Reservoir Dogs! It’s not just a movie and a really shitty video game anymore. Now it’s a movie and a really shitty video game and another video that is coming out tomorrow. Also side note, Sam Jackson wasn’t in the original Reservoir Dogs, so it would be SUPER illegal for him to be in a video game adaptation. I would literally be arrested for suggesting such a thing.

Here’s what you wanted to know about this game:

Where is Buscemi? How good are the graphics on Steve Buscemi?
Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days: Sequel? Prequel? Interquel?
Is Reservoir Dogs safe?
If Mr. Orange and Mr. White aren’t in it, who are the homoerotic power couple this time?
Is there a Samuel L. Jackson?
This important: is it a game for boys AND girls?
Is there a mode where you get to play as the reservoir?
How bloody are the days?
Hey my Reservoir Dogs question is: if one dog shot another dog with a gun, would that be messed up or what
Humorous question that implies that I think Reservoir Dogs is about actual dogs.


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