Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – Cinematic Trailer

Take a look at the official cinematic trailer for Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days, coming to Steam on May 18.

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  1. -Mom can we get Reservoir Dogs ?
    -We already have Reservoir Dogs at home.
    -Reservoir Dogs at home :

  2. This shit it's so bad it doesn't even have a wikipedia page.

  3. Why do they keep making terrible games around this amazing film. Just leave this classic alone for god sakes

  4. Quentin should've released the hounds after the Xbox version.

  5. It's weird that the characters look nothing alike from the original cast , it's sad

  6. Why tarantino is without hair???

  7. What a great "Life Is Strange" DLC

  8. They have officially hipstered thugs

  9. Can you just stop

  10. Dont know i like the game but it will be better if it just calls Bloody Days the Reservoir dogs title dont fit well

  11. They don't even look like them

  12. reservoir dogs should be made into an open world game like gta vice city , starting from the seventies with some of the gang playable in each decade , all leading to the final robbery !

  13. How dare you make a Hotline Miami knockoff!

  14. The whole fucking problem in the movie is that one of the characters went on a fucking murder spree in a bank. Yet it shows every character doing that in this game. They could have done a good telltale but they didn't. Fuck.

  15. this game is lame and disrespectful

  16. the first reservoir dogs game was 1000 better (ps2 version)

  17. I feel like it misses the whole point of reservoir dogs. Also why does Pink look so young and unprofessional. In the movie he slicks his hair back and keeps his suit tidy. Here he looks like a teen putting a spin on Mr. Pink's look. That doesn't belong in a reservoir dogs game. For the love of god I want a Reservoir Dogs game thats worth a damn just because of the shitty ones.

  18. I don't get why this is named the way it is, name it something like PERFECT HEIST or whatever, this is obviously just so they can get some publicity. Looks like a fun game though.

  19. Wait theres a new 1? The original was lit on ps2

  20. Making a heist game out of Reservoir Dogs is a bit like that time someone thought making Fight Club into an actual fighting game was a good idea.

  21. This seems like it could be a good game, but seems like a big misuse of the movie property as this looks like it will have nothing to do with the movie, and the time travel mechanic makes no sense in the world of the movie.

  22. I thought we'd moved past this as a society. I thought we were better than this by now.


    4 days. 4 days and this shit pile will be released. You're fucking ruining a good movie. The thing is is that in the movie, if you don't know, they (The Reservoir Dogs, who are Mr. White, Mr. Blonde, Mr. Brown, Mr. Blue, Mr. Orange, Mr. Pink, Nice Guy Eddie, and Joe Cabot) fuck up the robbery and most of them die (I don't know what happens Mr. Pink). The original never had this "travel back to fix it" bullshit. Fuck the developers and fuck this game.

  24. Mr.Orange aka Mr.President

  25. What is the name of the music in the trailer ? Please

  26. give it a chance maybe have some strategy to it addicting strategy maybe it also fast past and fun and time related so give it chance I'm mean come on

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