Permanently activate Microsoft Office 2016 Pro plus Without any software & product key [100% Safe]

MS-OFFICE 2016 free activation without any software
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Microsoft OFFICE 2016 free activation without any software | Activate Office 2016 free 100% active
How can activate office 2016 without software and product key
Permanently activate Microsoft Office 2016 Pro plus Without any software and product key [100% Safe]

Open the Browser
Copy & Past the link [ ] link will be find the video Discription [code collected from this url]
Select all and Copy the Code
Now Create an notepad.txt in desktop
Past the code in .txt file
Rename the txt file
Write [ Activator office 2016.cmd ]
Run as Administrator
Press Yes
Press N

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  1. Mr. Nurmohammad Engineer, this video is very detailed. I followed each and every step of your video…. and it worked 100%. Totally legit! I have been looking for a solution for half a year now. Now, I can run My MS Office without any worries. You are truly a great help!!! Thank you very much!!!

  2. Thank you, works great!

  3. Amazing 100% working. Thanks for saving my time.


  5. Badass Tutorial!! Thank You so much… 😍

  6. It worked…. Thanks Man…… 🙂

  7. it works just cant believe this

  8. thank you soo much very much needed working 2020 may 31st

  9. I would like to say thanks Mr. Nurmohammad who help us lot in this, I was looking for this since long time and i just got activated. Really appreciated for his great talent.

  10. Waah guru. 100% Success. Great work and thanks bro. Definitely recommending your subscription.

  11. I did not expect this to work this flawlessly, amazing!

  12. Initially, i thought that it will be the same video as the others and it will not work. But after doing all the process it works completely. Thanks, brother.

  13. it works! perfectly. thanks

  14. this seemed to work however, is it normal that when i open Word, go to file, then go to account, that itll say that the product is not activated and a product key needs to be entered?

  15. Nurmohammad Engineer, I applied the same procedure but wasn't activated fully. However I got an extension of 6 months (only). The message says I have to activate in November.

  16. Ran the script and Office 2016 got activated. Thank You so much. Subscribed your channel.

  17. amazing, it really works. thanks so much sir for this awesome guide. really appreciate it =)


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