Peace Insight _ Jindo Dog and Pungsan Dog

Special Dog Breed Native to the Korean Peninsula: Jindo Dog and Pungsan Dog
South Korea’s Jindo dog is known for its outstanding loyalty. North Korea’s Pungsan dog has extraordinary bravery. We learn about these Korean traditional dog breeds indigenous to the Korean peninsula – dogs that have similar personalities as the North and South Korean people whom they have shared residence with for centuries.

우리 민족을 대표하는 토종 견, 진돗개와 풍산개
충성심이 뛰어난 진돗개!
용맹함이 남다른 풍산개!
함께해온 오랜 시간만큼이나 우리 민족의 모습을 많이 닮아있는 한반도의 자랑스러운 토종견을 알아본다.

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  1. Yo tuve una perra blanca son muy obedientes limpios y reconocen un solo dueño muy daños la mía se murió de 19 años son muy activos sociables con los niños 👶 son preciosos de cachorros y de adultos..!!

  2. Pungsan dog look beautiful 💖

  3. I discovered the exsistence of Pungsan Dog by the beautiful North Korean cartoon "The tale of Pungsan Dog". It's available on youtube, watch it.

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