On the Internet, nobody knows you're a …

“On the Internet, nobody knows you’re a dog” is a popular saying used to describe the anonymity of the Internet.

It began as the caption of a cartoon by Peter Steiner, published in The New Yorker on July 5, 1993 and is still used today when talking about the issues around online identity.

Now, with all that we do on the web, be it social and professional networking, dating, or buying and selling on auction and classifieds sites, the need to know who we are really dealing with is more important than ever before.

Hopefully this video brings awareness to the increasing need for trust online.

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  1. 16 Cats got tricked on Mousmatch.com and clicked dislike on this video.

  2. Just assume they glow in the dark

  3. If I was a Dog on the internet, I'd be the First Dog on the Moon… dah dah 😀

  4. I was lured from the interent

  5. El tema del anonimato en internet…

  6. This is so creative. Thank you!

  7. 1500 pounds for this is ROBBERY. Wooshii must die – and you must get a better agent!

  8. Great fun, with a serious message.

  9. To Catch A Predator just gets better and better.

  10. This is amazing 😀 and so funny

  11. Oh, hi random nightmare fuel!

  12. nice video! good lesson! cute puppets!

  13. Hahahahha best video over omfg

  14. Wow that was GREAT!!! I saw your posting on the animation forum. I'm new so I can't post there yet lol. But I loved your stop animation it kept me wondering what this cat's deal was. Lol. That grin of his was sinister. Hope to see more down the future.

  15. It was really funny, really well done, I love the menace on the cat's face! 🙂

  16. Israel did this 1st.. 🙂

  17. This worries me know because I'm ever to use an online dating site, then there might be a succubus at the end of it…..or a crocodile……..or a Twilight fan.

  18. make a series or something 😀

  19. This is one of the best stop motion animations I've ever seen. Thanks for creating and sharing this beautiful short.

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