North Korea के Kim Jong Un बचे हैं या Death हुई, Sister को Dictator बनने देगा USA? | Duniyadari E36

Duniyadari- 22 April

First Headline-

United Nations has said that the world could face several famines of biblical proportions in coming months, , resulting from the economic effects of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Second Headline-

Missouri, a state in United States, has sued China for the alleged role it played in the global spread of Coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19).

Third Headline-

Donald Trump cleared gave a clear picture of the proposed temporary suspension of immigration into the United States. Trump said that it will apply on the green card applications.

Badi Khabar-

Kim Jong Un, the leader of North Korea, is reportedly unwell after undergoing a rumored heart operation. Kim Jong Un is the grandson of North Korea’s founder Kim Il Sung and youngest son of his father Kim Jong-Il. He was reportedly missing from the celebration ceremony of his grandfather’s birthday on April 15, considered to be North Korea’s most important holiday. It sparked rumors about Kim Jong Un’s well-being. North Korea’s secretive regime is among the most self-isolated countries in the world.

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