Ninja Cat Showings Kung Fu Skill | Funny Cats Compilation 20 min | Funny Cats Compilation 2015 New

Thanks For Watching This Hilarious cat Fight Video :

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  1. When you jump but forgot to press space

  2. 0:24 UP UP AND AWAYYYY!!!

  3. You have the SCREAMING howling dog volume on LOUD. woke my wife and got all my dogs barking asshole.

  4. I live in a neighborhood with a high volume of feral cats. And I've yet to see a dog take out a cat. Usually, as soon as the dog even tries to show aggression its eyes are destroyed and 5 seconds later its throat is torn out. There's not always much ninja about it. They're faster and more agile. Its like watching the big dude who thinks hes got something on a lightweight, and then 5 minutes later hes half dead in an ambulance on the way to the intensive care unit. That's All.

  5. @1:32 cats got 2 collars on. Both so tight his eyes are on the verge of popping out his head.

  6. Yeah, cats go outside all the time, but out side the truck 😂🤣.

  7. I know the article said trees but can be applied to climbing down in general. Thanks. Catlover.

  8. The video is funny but please be mindful that cats are not built for climbing down and could hurt themselves trying to do so without the proper steps. See an except from one of several articles I read”cats sometimes get stuck in trees because they are built for climbing up, but not so much for climbing down. Their retractable claws are curved and their hind legs are stronger than their front, which makes them agile climbers going up, but that same physiology makes it difficult to maneuver down”

  9. Well, what is there to laugh? It is very funny when the animals are in trouble and feel bad, isn't it? Ugh, the shame on the channel.

  10. i know by now, ninja and kung fu are the gago ampota haha

  11. Doubel scenes are shit

  12. What was up with the two cats seemingly paralized going to their food bowls??..kinda disturbing..where they drugged or something?

  13. Better title "Humans being jerks to cats and calling it funny".

  14. Several times in this you reuse clips. Idiots

  15. This is a video of fails? How disappointing.

  16. 16:45 stop provoking me bitch!

  17. Too many things of concern in this video, there were some cute things, but I didn't like it as a whole. There were a couple of scenes that was shone too long, like the cat with the fan, just kept doing the same thing, nothing else, too long, there were a couple like that. I thought it was pretty mean that they left that poor cat out there in the snow, kept sliding off the roof, poor thing, his paws were probably getting cold, especially sliding off like that over and over. Just remember that animals have feelings too. They might have more tolerance to the temperatures than people, but they do get cold or overheated. To many people don't think about the physical or emotional feelings animals. Gotta hold my tongue finger on this share page🤬 and my God, what was wrong with the two cats that couldn't get to their dish? Where they disabled or where they given something like booze? Maybe this video should be reported over that. You think it's funny that a cat can scare a little dog half to death? Until the dog has a heart attack! I wonder if you would feel bad then

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