New Game Trailers 2020 | Weekly #15

Hi! in this video we’ll see some of the latest game trailers.

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Ghostrunner (0:00)

Mortal Kombat 11 – $18.31 (0:54)

Population Zero (6:36)

SpongeBob SquarePants – $20.55 (7:54)

Disintegration – $40.99 (8:54)

Total War: Warhammer 2 (10:55)

The Walking Dead: Saints & Sinners (12:43)

Apex Legends (14:52)

The Last of Us 2 (17:19)

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  1. 0:06
    Okay these guys aims are off

  2. Everytime I see anything to do with last of us 2 I just start laughing because of what I know about the games story due to the leaks anyone looking forward to it and who hasn't heard the leaks if you get it be prepared to feel like you have been stabbed in the back by naughty dog

  3. Huh? 13:10 Why is it a Walking dead but under the radio a clear Hyperion? wtf is that? NOt that I will get it ebcause of VR and all but still

  4. Population Zero is just a handsome No Man's Sky.

  5. I'm just waiting for cyberpunk 2077, Mafia trilogy, Watchdogs legion, Assassins creed Valhalla and a new DLC for red dead redemption 2 online.

  6. Disintegration feels pretty amazing with the story line.

  7. Mortal Combat is even more deadlier action packed Bam Bam Bam !

  8. uuuugh the game industry is such shit right now

  9. 0:10 Mirror's Edge meets Cyberpunk 2077? Looks nice (bit bloody). Population Zero has a slight Mass Effect feel to it, no? The Last of us 2 is near perfection in terms of visuals. Which is one major reason I will never have the stomach to play it. But that's just me. Everything 'looks' so good. But will it have the content to back it up? Time will tell. Thank you for thid vid.

  10. I think "Super Buckyball Tournament" should be on the list!
    It seems like if Rocket League and Overwatch had a baby!!!

  11. Did anyone else think Disintegration was a gunna be a marvel movie after that iron man helmet at 10:15?

  12. 10:15-that helmet looks like a Minecraft quality remake of Iron man's helmet! It gets a little better in the following viewpoint but jeez lol, it was an exact copy

  13. What is the song at your outtro?

  14. Ghost runner with Marvel spiderman mechanics. They even include octo…

  15. How does Baraka pronounce "P"'s and "B"'s?

  16. Disintegration looks cool. Wonder when it will release

  17. Anyone else think sub zero looks like shredder from Ninja Turtles? Lol

  18. One of these games will be glitch
    Fest like fallout 76.
    So protect your wallet at all

  19. Is warhammer running at 120 frames?

  20. Population zero?
    Didn't people throw spears at him?

  21. Let us support each other ❤

  22. That sounds like the voice actor for Ikora Ray at 3:48…..

  23. Some of these games will
    Succeed some will get cancelled
    Or pushed back but what do we
    Know?we don't have a crystal

  24. Ghostrunner? More like cyberninja Spiderman

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