NEW 2020 BATTLE PASS IS BROKEN! – TI10 Battle Pass In-depth Review – Dota 2 Guide

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  2. reckon the shotgun is a reverence to ettiene's revenge immortal.

  3. Hey Speed, if everything is broken then nothing is broken. 😀

  4. i have a challenge for you guys take a shot every time speed says " BROKEN!" man we gonna be so wasted in 20 mins XD

  5. you sound like a fortnite youtuber who makes content for 12 year olds

  6. can you make a video on "the sideshop" quest

  7. In my country the money for standard bpass is like 200+ coins in PoE, good luck selling it valve.

  8. Guys, my friend gifted me battlepass today. But I can’t play DotA for 2 months because of my CET exam, which got delayed due to Corona. Now my battlepass will go waste if no one plays it. Is there anyone who likes to play DotA all day, can’t afford to buy BP, and is interested in using my account? I will give 50% of the treasures and a 10-15$ item, or maybe an arcana if someone helps me increase my levels till July last week- August. Please reply!

  9. There are keys you have to find in cavern to unlock the second map.

  10. I couldn't stop watching those bulgarians fight in the chat behind hahah

  11. i like the pudge hook from this one

  12. For the nth time Immortal Gardens is the God tier of terrains

  13. I want to be in your guild Speed

  14. A Male Enchantress, I want Narnia to happen!

  15. Morph shotgun reminds me of good old "Worms world party" or "Worms 3D" shotguns 😀 Oh boy it's like ages ago… oldies never die ! DOTA times alike.


  17. It would be nice if immortal items fit together and formed a set. Take an Axe, for example. Immortal items dont fit together at all. I think it's a shame. 🙁

  18. You can click the Details in the sideshop to see the star limits and rewards.

  19. im not excited. since the update came out my laptop cant run dota anymore

  20. LOL the bulgarian chat in the background priceless ;D

  21. The girl AM is the only reason I will go above level 300 this time. Oh and, game leap guild sounds hella cool! I've climbed 1.3k mmr in a month since i've started watching your videos 😀

  22. I’m exited as always for the lore to come and the videos from slaks 😅

  23. hi i want to join guild too.. im excited on the qop and wr if ill be able to reach it but who knows

  24. I'm also gonna hope DROW IS 18 WTF Bro

  25. Its the girl version of the AM ! For real

  26. Got mine on

  27. The money from the BP is going to valve without the tournemant? Still the femal am looks nice

  28. lol you wasted your side shop coins, go-to side shop "show me detail" slide 2, I also wasted all coins

  29. Speeed. That's so much better with the gameleap stuff at the end.

  30. this is very unfair for certain of people
    covid19 making ppl having trouble of money
    yet they release exclusive 3 arcana battlepass and u need reach lvl 575 to get them.
    so if u didnt spend money on this hard time, you wont be able to get 3 arcana + 2 persona.
    wtf valve? freakin gaben

  31. Battle passes are always compelling

  32. Speed: If beastmaster wins ill make a jungle bm guide
    Me: goes all in on void

  33. Anyone experiencing Dota lag after battlepass update?

  34. after updated BP, i can no longer play dota2. my low spec pc cant run it anymore. only 10fps. do you know how the feeling like watching tournament in youtube but cant play?.
    sorry for my bad english.

  35. Give me a battle pass plss🤣 Im poor😓😓


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