Nerd³ Tests… Reservoir Dogs: Bloody Days – Mr. Red

1992 called. It wants it’s Pogs back.

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  1. YouTube is telling me 1993 as its forcing the option to buy it down my throat

  2. Nowadays mostly there are stupid Zombie games and some other mafia, gangster games with its unrealistic childish clothes themes and weapons with alltogether with unrealistic shootout and death coordinations. ((

  3. Man I guess this game is shame for Reservoir Dogs game. What the shit man?
    Why nowadays games are going to be like colourful cartoons?
    Even such legendary game Kane and Lynch is gone to end. Nowadays games are like bulshit colourful guns and stupid clothes wearing dumbass player characters.
    I don't play any more games for last 3 years.

  4. where the hell did this game go? cant buy it anywhere now. no news from anything

  5. Fun fact: different coloured sweets are generally "flavoured" with smells rather than tastes. It's more effective and cheaper to manufacture a chemical that smells slightly of orange, for example. They all taste the same.

  6. There is a other reservoir dogs game is better than this one I promise

  7. Payday is making a heist based off this game

  8. All orange flavors in "fruit-based" candy taste radically different.

  9. so Hotline Miami meets Super Time Force? okay then

  10. lol Mr Brown because hes black XD

  11. I know this is a huge disrespect to the movie. But f*** it the game mechanics is pretty cool. And Quentin Tarantino disrespected Bruce Lee so screw it

  12. but there was a PS2 game in 2008…

  13. ResDogs is my ultimate fav movie ever, so I had high hopes for this game. Oh well, we all get disappointed sometimes

  14. It's like Hotline: Miami and PAYDAY had a baby…

  15. Smarties are one of Britain's best-loved brands. There are eight colours to choose from; red, orange, blue, green, yellow, pink, violet and brown. The orange Smarties is flavoured with natural orange oil. Directly from the smarties website

  16. do a complete with Reservoir Dogs

  17. If you enjoyed this, there is a game with the same mechanics, it's called ultra time force.

  18. The orange ones have orange oil in them.

  19. You're not the only one the orange smarties definitely taste orangey

  20. "I don't know anyone with that much piss inside of them…except Katie Hopkins"

    Absolutely brilliant!

  21. Better late than never. Better no brexit than a bad brexit. Better no May than any May.

  22. That game mechanic is what I've been wanting in a game for forever. Ever since clock blockers came out.

  23. reminds me a bit of that corridor digital short, clock blockers

  24. I just had a Hershey Reese's Pieces snack mix commercial tell me I was a procrastinator…. I wish Dan still did that.

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