Minecraft Skyblock #1



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  1. its annoying watching them not knowing what to do

  2. So litterly the whole video is them trying to figure out how to make a cobble stone generator

  3. did I just wait 16 minutes to watch 2 grown men figure out how to convert ice into water in Minecraft?
    yes, yes I did

  4. He was trying to make a cobblestone generator for like 15m

  5. Cobblestone generator 4 blocks in a row. Break the 2nd block 1 deeper than the rest and place the water or ice on the 1st block with the 1 block deeper then place the lava on the other end. That's how you make a cobblestone generator

  6. Skyblock players: This is torture

  7. click on this video if you want to see these idiots fail to make an efficient cobblestone generator

  8. Can anyone tell me this server ip

  9. You can actually cut the tree and by breaking the leaves(or wait till it dissappears) and you can get the sapling and by planting the saplings you can get more trees and so on

  10. I peiwedie I’m a fan I would love to play with you I know bec I’m not a famous yt it wouldn’t make sense u look like u put effort into ur videos I like that kinda person


  12. Its like 17 min and 25 sec making generator

  13. the server i play skyblock on gives you a cobblestone generator

  14. I am so surprised that the final generator even worked

  15. Sorry I am I want one o'clock video

  16. I am the minecraft God and can I know what to do you have to break the ice

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