Minecraft: Sky Factory 4 w/ X33N Ep. 16

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  1. Why does he hate the rain so much?


  3. "whatever float your goat"
    wait did he literally say that lol

  4. I wonder when they'll dive into Matter Overdrive because when Jordan becomes an android, he can get an upgrade where he doesn't have to eat anymore and vein mine for days

  5. With all of X33N’s sound effects, one might think he’s actually a bird

  6. Just turn the rain off in your particle settings

  7. Doesn't say hell shelves "heck shelves" but does say what the hell

  8. The fact that the rain situation was totally something that X33n would do made it 100 times funnier. The pure distrust in Captain's voice when he makes X33n constantly throw the shurikan… best moment.

  9. he didnt set chest priorities so its gonna fill up with all the shit from cabinets and other areas of the linked storage

  10. What's the bar above the hunger bar for?

  11. I love how he keeps stream as clean as possible, won’t say dead, die, kill, hell, or explicit curse words, but fairly regularly says god damnit 😂😂😂😂😂 I always get a great laugh out of that

  12. Trial turns on the rain to make the charged creepers. So turning off the rain is kinda cheaty.

  13. Jordan, just build a roof over the trials area and you'll never have to see it again.

  14. Jardon is completely cheating. The 'THUNDERDOME' in the trials starts thunderstorms while fighting and he purposely turns off the rain. TRIAL!!!

  15. I’ve been watching since the beginning, I still don’t understand why the floor is slabs

  16. You love to see a sky fac upload. Ya really do.

  17. You can say Jardon is Down With The Swickness

  18. Has anyone suggested making a Rain Shield (can't remember if it's in that pack) yet?

  19. for rain to stop do /gamerule doweathercycle false

  20. I like how Jordan has fallen victim to the roll and reroll of the enchantment table lol

  21. after so many years… burnt!

  22. 15:53 Can he not use that hover charm thing he used to build the mob farm to "stay in one place in the sky" at the same time?

  23. Jardon: Vein mines the entirety of Twilight Forest
    Everyone: You weren't supposed to do that

  24. Man In Black is Princess Bride, Jaordin

  25. The definition of insanity is trying the same thing over and over again and expecting a different result. -Jardon toggling the rain

  26. Best thing to have in the twilight forest is a magic map! Second best thing is an ender book, so you can easily warp to areas and back to the cake

  27. wait a minute, is Xeen a southpaw? welcome to the group


  29. X33N's beg your pardon's are the funniest part of these vids

  30. I just watched 50 minutes of the vid, and it says uploaded 11 minutes ago

  31. Anyone else mad that Jordan threw away that gold sword he got from the litch instead of taking the unbreaking V and other good enchants?

  32. Can't you make a rain shield in this pack? I may be misremembering, it's been awhile since I played.

  33. Sadly I don’t make memes but I have the perfect one for the CS subreddit: It has to be the Simpsons meme where this guy (I don’t watch the Simpsons, sorry for that again) throws out of the door this other guy and then appears behind him. Jordan (Jardon) would be the first guy, and the other one would be the rain. It always comes back. Could someone do this?

  34. I enjoyed your content, I smashed the subscribe button!

  35. he brought up the Me system to X33N

  36. 24:52 when you get into black ops 1 zombies
    edit: timestamp was off

  37. I still don't understand why Jordan hates rain so much, other then compression/video quality issues. I feel like rain might've had a hand in something that was truly traumatic in his past.

  38. Just finished a 45 minute video, saw this in my feed and was legit mad that I missed this which was uploaded 30 minutes ago

  39. I love how he doesn’t even bother to see what the affects of the trial are to see that that is what causes the rain

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