Mike Posner – I Took A Pill In Ibiza (SeeB Remix)

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  1. Very excellent music. I will take 100000000 likes on this music

  2. Cuarentena 23:47 en Argentina escuchando la mejor musica electrónica.

  3. Avicii didn't died , God needed the best DJ from Earth =/ xoxo

  4. I took a pill with mona lisa

    To show davinci I was cool

  5. Point Mio leave ltd cat 5 ken miss Pennington 7

  6. See is gonna take over.. trust me

  7. bass is harder then my grandma falling down to stairs

  8. NIHAL 😍😍😍😍🥰🥰🥰🥰🥰

  9. Before I even knew the name of this song, I thought it was "I know a sad song" instead of "all I know are sad songs."
    Personally, I like "I know a sad song" because the idea doesn't change at all. It's a tiny bit less dramatic, and the context would be someone asked him for a song or something similar, and this is what he provides. It's kind of more reflective and less… Abrupt?
    Then again, he does mean that as a singer, ha has many songs, and while they may be cheery, deep down they are all sad songs.

  10. Damn, summer '16 where are you?

  11. I took a pill in ibiza
    To show Avicii i was cool

    Much love Mike posner
    RIP Avicii

  12. Fuck yeah that what I want

  13. Fuck yeah that what I want

  14. May 20 2020 we will not forget

  15. Damn i still love this remix its so nostalgic. whoever played the adopting and boys and girls dance club roblox games back then would know this song remix always was playing at some point with the guests. but roblox is trash now, mcpe is the best game ever played in history i still remeber the good times while playing mcpe multiplayer on my phone and mc java edition on my laptop.

  16. think you this song so most

  17. Summer 2016 was seriously hitting different, it was like 2016 knew what would head to us in 2020 so it gave us this iconic summer as a early-comfort lmao

  18. God I miss when everything was so simple in 2016

  19. We will all miss you Avicii 😔✊🏽

  20. how to forget mike posner listen every day

  21. Found this song after 3 years, but you know what the best feeling would be- Blasting this stuff at the middle of the night while taking a long drive 😎🤘

  22. Od Pati dla Marrietki ❣️🦊

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