Microsoft Office 2016 Beginners Tutorial – Office 2016 New Features

Who it’s for: Office 2016 adopters and users curious to see if it’s worth upgrading.

What it is: In a series of bite-sized and easy-to-follow videos, become familiar with the newest additions to the Microsoft Office Productivity Suite. These videos provide an up-close and detailed look at what makes the latest editions of Microsoft Word, Excel, and PowerPoint the most advanced versions yet.

What you’ll learn: Learn how to effectively utilize the “Tell Me” bar to find the exact tools you need, right when you need them. See the future of online research without ever leaving the program, using Smart Lookup. All this coupled with a detailed review of the recent user interface changes means you’ll be an expert with these new versions in no time at all.

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  1. Truely Not for a Beginner
    THIS is just about New Updates..
    If u r beginner… A complete Waste of time and energy

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  3. Excel 00:00
    Word 25:06
    PowerPoint 43:07

  4. To viewers wondering whether or not to watch: his video is useful for users who are familiar with Microsoft Office, but not with the new features in the 2016 version. There were a few terms I was unfamiliar with not having actually trained on Office since 2008, but even so this is generally easy to follow with just replays of a few seconds here and there. To the creator: thanks.

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  6. Not a good example of teaching a beginner about all of this stuff, goes WAY too fast as if a"beginner" would know wtf your'e talking about.

  7. Yes MS PPT got various enhancements..along with MS XL Wrd.

  8. That's a really weird presentation of Shiraz, that you had as your prime search result…

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  10. Wonderful job !!!!!! Please keep it up .

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  23. e = mc^2 not Mc^2

    Too bad Word didn't know that! 😀

  24. Thank you for a this fantastic video on introducing Office 2016! I am preparing to migrate my company to Office 2016 and I have been looking around for tutorials, and this one single video is going to be such a big help. Again, thank you very much for having published it.

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