Microsoft Access Tutorial for Beginners #1 – Overview (Access 2003)

Visit MotionTraining at This overview of Microsoft Access covers setting up a simple Access database, complete with Table, Form, Query and Report. More tutorials to follow that will go into more detail on how to use the different features of MS Access.


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  1. Wow! This was more than what I needed 🙂 Thank you. Excellent!!!

  2. اي دا هوه انا العربي الوحيد الي هينا ولا أي يكدعان ! 🌚💔😂😂

  3. Quite helpful and educational… Thanks a lot

  4. I need solution!! I've made small system with ms-access 2003 and the system is to store employees belongings for example employee 1 has refrigerator and 1 heater and 1 mobile as an entrust given to him by the company and let say employee X is leaving this company and he would like to transfer all his belongings to employee Z . I solve that by CUT all the related record of employee X and paste it to employee Z and that is my way but I need a code that will ask you to enter employee Z ID number and also let you select some records and once you click transfer button the system shall make two copies one to be stored in history table and the other copy to be added to employee Z. PLEASE HELP AND THANKS IN ADVANCE !!

  5. I need you to give me a link to download microsoft access

  6. thank u motiontraining I mean alot really..

  7. Thanks to you,this really helps me.

  8. thnx… for ds awesome video

  9. I make my table and I followed each and every steps but still couldn't make form. a small box is opening on my computer screen with a msg of( u can not create the form) any idea plz

  10. Very good tutorial.
    I already love and respect British teachers.
    Ashfaq Ahmed, Karachi. Pakistan. ashfacak at yaho

  11. Great video – still relevant. Working with 2013 and it's helping.

  12. thanks man you saved my life… 🙂

  13. it was very helpful…thnk ya…… ;p

  14. Oh!God!Thank you so much.

  15. Can you also download the ProvieIt Access Test of 2003 ? Many thanks.

  16. Finally a tutorial I can follow! Very clear and easy to understand even for a technophobe like myself. Thank you!

  17. Are their other videos for chilren thats ttying to grasp micro soft applicaions

  18. can you give the link to download this sir?

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