Manchester United 2-0 Arsenal (04/05) | Premier League Classics | Manchester United

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Goals from Ruud van Nistelrooy and Wayne Rooney ended Arsenal’s unbeaten run at 49 matches at Old Trafford, as the Reds claimed a vital win over Arsene Wenger’s side in 2004.

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  1. Which is very shameful game!!! … Completely unfair refereeing!!!!!!!!!… I feel very sad when I see it all the time!!!… Arsenal played convincing beautiful games for about 10 consecutive years while Man United got some support from referees… But I am confused how the club's official YouTube channel monitors displayed this video genuinely. Great respect!

  2. Jon Champion after the game "Arsenal have been bowled out at 49 no half century"
    Bowler :: Mike Riley.

  3. I remember that 4 or 5 players got red card in this game.😏 GGMU🏆

  4. How did you get on on the final day of the season in the fa cup final

  5. 30% success of MU is from support of referees

  6. R.I.P Jose Antonio Reyes

  7. We needed the type of passion from guys like ruud rn

  8. Controversial cheat by Rooney and Whole Manchester United

  9. Reyes hose Antonio

  10. Cole, RVN and Rooney in the same team!🔥

  11. This match should have been repeated with a right referee

  12. The fact that it was Man Utd of all the teams that ended our unbeaten run was even more difficult to accept

  13. เล่นโครตแรงขยะแมนยู

  14. The day we kicked the gooners into submission.

  15. I love the passion of RvN and Phil Neville

  16. The exact moment when Phil Neville & Fergie sussed Arsenal out. They haven't recovered yet.

  17. United played with 12 horrible Mike Riley as he always hurt Arsenal a lot, united was choked he didn't know how to handle the pressure refereeing rubbish this day … we lost the unbeaten record this day because of this gentleman

  18. The team that ended Arsenal's invincible winning streak.

  19. Ref definitely got our back that day.

  20. When the referee is still part of the united staff

  21. no matter how you view the game.. these were the days when passionate football win trophies. not money.

  22. Sol Campbell caught Rooney's knee and he went down. It is a clear penalty.

  23. Arsenal pecundang walaupun ada Henry dan arsene keblinger. 😂

  24. 2:08 Chelsea did it first 🤷🏿‍♂️

  25. Rooney deserved a red card, he acted, that's cheating, cheaters should be banned for minimum 3 games.

  26. We brutalized Arsenal that day. Payback for the Old Trafford fixture the season before

  27. How I wish I could go back to Oct 24 04

  28. Not sure if football or UFC

  29. Karma for the gunners 😉

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