Lionel Messi TOTW Review + Gameplay! | Fifa Mobile 20 – Player Review

Review and gameplay of 93ovr TOTW Lionel Messi – Fifa Mobile

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  1. Messi has no goal in head to head wtf

  2. how if this happens in a single match , messi will be having more hatricks in just one match 😀

  3. Can you give me this Game link? please

  4. Hey brother can you help me to grow my you tube channel Here is one of my video

  5. Please give me the name of background music👂👂👂

  6. How do you get the buttons cause I don't have it.
    And I have seen someone score like that at 6:10. I scored that goal with my CAM.

  7. 6:11 not gaol

  8. Brizei mais na segunda música do que nos lances do jogo

  9. Lucky I only have dybala,neymar and de bruyne

  10. Messi is really good I’m still trying to get him on FIFA mobile but I can’t 🙁

  11. يا ولد يلي بتلعب

  12. Messi has got magic in his legs


  14. You really play nice with the 'Goat'

  15. "He is the Goat"


  16. Is messi 96 RW TOTY better ?

  17. Old fifa mobile was waaay better man.

  18. FIFA I really unrealistic.
    U can close ur eyes and score goals.
    Player with true talent and football fans should play pes 2020.
    Like if u agree.

  19. Who else realized the thumbnail

  20. Best luck ever. Pro 😑😑😑

  21. Who is best gerard moreno over 92 or messi 93?

  22. soy italiano y estoy aprendiendo avlar peruano

  23. You are very lucky my friend

  24. Messi is bad man. Ronaldo is good he is a best football player

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