Lionel Messi: A Footballers Gym Workout ? Prt21

Lionel Andrés Messi Cuccittini is an Argentine professional footballer who plays as a forward and captains both Spanish club Barcelona and the Argentina national team.

Training and gym work.

As of March 2018
Most (FIFA) Ballons d’Or 5 (2009–12, 2015) (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)[589]
Guinness World Record as top goalscorer for club and country in a calendar year 91 goals in 2012[146]
Longest goalscoring run in a domestic league 21 matches, 33 goals in 2012–13[160][159][590]
Only player to win more than one FIFA Club World Cup Golden Ball[545]
Most appearances in the FIFPro World XI 12 times (2007–2018) (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)[591]
Most European Golden Shoes 5[530]
Top goalscorer in all club competitions in a calendar year 79 goals in 2012[citation needed]
Top goalscorer in a club season 73 goals in 2011–12[citation needed]
Most goals scored in a European CupChampions League game 5 goals (shared with 13 other players)[592][593]
Most goals scored in the UEFA Champions League group stages 65 [594]
Most hat-tricks scored in the UEFA Champions League 8 (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)[595]
Youngest player to make 100 appearances in the UEFA Champions League 28 years, 84 days in 2015[596]
Top goalscorer in the UEFA Super Cup 3 goals (shared with Arie Haan, Oleg Blokhin, Gerd Müller, Rob Rensenbrink, François Van der Elst, Terry McDermott, and Radamel Falcao)[597]
Top assist provider in the Copa América 11 assists[598]
Most goals scored in CONMEBOL World Cup Qualifiers 21 goals (shared with Luis Suárez)[389]
Most Best Player in La Liga awards 6 (2009–13, 2015)[599]
Most Best Forward in La Liga awards 7 (2009–13, 2015, 2016)[599]
Top goalscorer in La Liga 412 goals[600][601]
Most hat-tricks scored in La Liga 34[602] (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)
Top assist provider in La Liga 166 assists[603]
Top goalscorer in the Supercopa de España 13 goals[328][604]
Top goalscorer in a La Liga season 50 goals in 2011–12[605]
Most hat-tricks scored in a La Liga season 8 in 2011–12 (shared with Cristiano Ronaldo)[328]
First player to reach 300 La Liga goals; only player to reach 350 La Liga goals.[606][246]
Most opposition teams scored against in La Liga history 36[607][608]
Argentina all-time top goalscorer 65 goals[609][610][611]
Top goalscorer for Argentina in a calendar year 12 goals in 2012 (shared with Gabriel Batistuta)[328]
Only Argentine player to score against every CONMEBOL nation[612]
Youngest player to play for Argentina in a FIFA World Cup 18 years, 357 days in 2006[298]
Youngest player to score for Argentina in a FIFA World Cup 18 years, 357 days in 2006[298]
Youngest player to reach 100 caps for a country under CONMEBOL’s jurisdiction 27 years, 361 days in 2015[613]
Most Footballer of the Year of Argentina awards 11 (2005, 2007–13, 2015–17)[614][615][616][617]
Top goalscorer in the UEFA Champions League 108 goals[602][618][619]
Top goalscorer in European competitions 111 goals[602][618]
Top goalscorer in international competitions 116 goals[602][618]
Top goalscorer in official competitions 591 goals[602][618]
Top goalscorer including friendlies 625 goals[602][618]
Most hat-tricks scored in all competitions 41[602]
Most goals from free-kicks 39[239][620][621]
Most goals scored from penalty kicks in La Liga 51[622]
Top goalscorer in El Clásico 26 goals[note 5][623]
Top goalscorer in the Athletic–Barcelona clásico 24 goals[624]
Top goalscorer in the Derbi barceloní 21 goals[625]


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  1. This is a gym 😂😂😂😂😂😂

  2. honestly i think ronaldo is not as talentated as is messi but ronaldo is working much than messi

  3. I love messi, messi my favorite footballer

  4. Ronaldo hardwork
    Messi smart work

  5. If u are telling about workout

    Don't miss Ronaldo

  6. noone does more than bruce lee in a day 10000 tim for single leg kick hand ounch sirtibg etc

  7. Should I workout first or cardio first please answer?

  8. Ronaldo And Messi are equally hardworking. And both have different styles of training to negate the problems they have while playing.

    So please don’t compare everytime saying the ronaldo works harder or messi does . Both players are unique in their own way !!

  9. Messi is fast

  10. Name of the last song???

  11. 5:47 I know messi is not a human being. He should not be playing pro football. He’s a con

  12. after watching Ronaldo's workouts … this seems like childs play ..anyways respect.

  13. Hi friends can anyone tell me who makes the best MESSI skill video

  14. awesome analysis! you are the one of the few that understands ham, glute and calves. Hardly anyone understands that quads are the breaking musle and the ham and glute are the throttle! No one on youtube mentions this. I mean no one. Thanks for the upload.

  15. Es una farsa del fútbol ni siquiera hace bien los ejercicios lo sabía con razón no hay suficiente contenido este wey no sirve para entrenar

  16. Messi is not one of the fastest? Of course is not, is 31!
    Watch a video of a younger Messi and then tell me if he wasn't of the fastest players in the world!

  17. Lactic acid being the reason for muscle soreness is proven wrong…

    micro muscle fibers tearing is the reason for muscle soreness and therefore only sleep and good food help to rebuild the muscle which will then be in return a bigger stronger and more dense muscle –> increased performance…

    what stretching really is for is keep muscle fibers as long as possible and relief the tendons. if you practice a lott your muscles will shorten and also in this way put permanent force onto your tendons.

    this results in stuff like tennis elbow or hip and knee pain…

    usually people think "oh my knee is damaged" but 99% of the time its muscles like the calves or hamstrings being shortend and putting constant strain onto your ttendons which results in pain at the areas where the tendons end (your joints)


    always stretch and massage your muscle … if they hurt when you put pressure with your fingers they need stretching and massaging until they dontt hurt anymore… muscle fibers MUST be SOFT … if its hard all the ttime you are or will be in alot of pain

  18. May be he doesn't work hard as Ronaldo. But this guy is absolute beast. Love watching him

  19. Make a another video on Lionel Messi training analysis

  20. The best player in world

  21. he was running 35,2 km/h…… he isn´t slow…… Alexis Sanchez, Pedro are training same way, but their maximal speed isn´t so high like Leo´s

  22. Ni en sien oportunidades pasa mi barrida 😎⚽️

  23. Denda kalau ada berkelahi

  24. I absolutely hate fans that think Ronaldos better, at this rate ppl should say Jose Altidore is better, it is just favoritism, everyone has favorites at least admit Messis is the better player then favourtise on whoever you want even these ppl realize they are wrong but deny deny deny. The example Messi shows is the best, as soon as their career ends everyone will know the truth and Ronaldo chumps, 16 goals this season hes done, even these guys will realize they were wrong, and just denied for no reason only favourtised. Ronaldo is not BETTER, hes the best otherwise if Messi wasnt there. You are entitled to your opinion, u know Messis better, u love Ronaldo, love him all u want but dont lie about him being better.

  25. More of that please ! And more details please ! Good job

  26. It is verYy verYy verYy GooD Messi 😍😍

  27. Messi is not the fastest u kidding he's rapid

  28. Do one With Mbappe

  29. All the songs in this world you choose skyrim song😂😂 and terrible editing

  30. Can u make video on how to properly warming up at home or before match

  31. the thing is that almost every pro footballer do all these kinds of workouts and only Messi himself is Messi.

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