Lionel Messi ● Ultimate Dribbling Skills 2009/2010 |HD

▶ Lionel Messi ● Ultimate Dribbling Skills 2009/2010 |HD

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  1. You have to watch each clip multiple times just to understand what he did. Greatest genius of our time

  2. Messi at 20-Best in the world. Messi at 32-Best in history. Me-Happy as fuck to saw him play

  3. Minuto 8:40 R.I.P. el tobillo de un defensa.

  4. His acceleration and close control are not human

  5. i have nothing to say about this man,, wooow ,, speechless

  6. this the magical messi i enjoyed watching when i was younger he was able to dribble with ease anywhere on the pitch

  7. Alter fett geile Skills mal

  8. when someone asks why messi won the ballon dor over Sneijder in 2010 show them this video

  9. Oh and him doing 1-2 and dribbling past entire teams in their own half. Loool the guys ridicolous on so many levels

  10. You seeing how he's beating some of these players? He goes through tackles. Genius.

  11. one of the best dribbler in history

  12. just 22 years old and breaking down entire defenses with ease. GOAT

  13. El video esta nitido pero la musica no …necesita otra cancion que tenga carácter

  14. And they say Iniesta deserved this ballon d'or!

  15. gran video y gran cancion elegida te gaanaste un sub. sigue asi bro:))))))))))))))))

  16. This version of messi is crazy and hungry! Slicing through defenders like it was nothing!!

  17. how i miss this messi 😢🙌👏

  18. ميسي صايع اووووووي

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