Kong: The 150lb Pitbull Puppy Set To Outgrow Hulk | DOG DYNASTY

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MEET King Kong, the giant 150lb puppy set to outgrow even his supersized pit bull father, internet legend the Hulk. At just over a year old, the colossal pup is already closing in on his world famous 175lb dad – and still has plenty of growing left to do. And Kong has already built up a loyal following on social media, with fans won over by his huge frame and goofy smile. Kong’s story is featured in the new season of Barcroft TV’s hit online show Dog Dynasty, which has racked up more than 150 million views on YouTube and Facebook. The show follows the fortunes of Hulk and New Hampshire-based dog breeders, Dark Dynasty K9s, who sell protection dogs for between $5000 and $25,000. The show has catapulted Hulk to global superstardom, with the lovable giant having his own dog food brand and merchandise line.
***Dog Dynasty season 3 is available on Barcroft Animals YouTube page and the Dog Dynasty Facebook Watch page.***

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Director of Photography: Adam Gray
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Editor: Paul Zeller
Executive Producers: Lizzie Wingham, Dom Smith

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  1. Kid I found a lost dog. Dog you should run kid

  2. One of my friends dog is named kong

  3. Love your guys videos , New subscriber , btw wife is so BEAUTIFUL !! and
    Kids so handsome

  4. Not actually fond of this breeder but at least hes not spewing out little squat frog dogs that cant make it once around the block . ahem China Boy cough cough ahem

  5. I found a pit and want to keep it but she scratches her skin so much it turns red but I cant afford a vet

  6. Kong is on the building in new York

  7. did he get bigger than the hulk

  8. Kong goes missing

    Later on the news:
    “Deer reportedly hit by car, he’s not dead but seriously injured.”

  9. I magian how many flipping cars and trees king broke while strolling out into the big wide world.

  10. King Kong in a hog they’re cool dogs but I like them or are they going to get bigger

  11. Quick, somebody lobotomize this ignorant couple.

  12. He's a bit of a wanderer ? what a moron ! He has enough strikes against him already. Next time you might find him with a bullet in his head. He can't even count on you to take care of him

  13. i dont know about you guys but, i think kong is gonna outgrow hulk

  14. That dude had moves like a mountain goat

  15. Stop advertising these mutts as pit bulls.. no Pitbull is over 65 pound they are thin and athletic and functional.. these dogs you are advertising as the biggest “pit bulls” are massive mixes basically XL American bully… nothing special.. just false advertising

  16. Omg I'm not one that likes big dogs especially pits or bullies but I don't know what it is about dog dynasty I just absolutely love all the dogs they are gorgeous the two lil boys are cute too mom and dad should try for lil sister wink wink but doing fantastic job with kiddos and doggies great work keep it up

  17. I joind ur group in facebook i really like kong and hulk the best!!!we have a american bully and ine American bulldog here at philippines we have a breeder dog named “Royal”and he is so short hehe 😂 bye luv ur vids

  18. Are Kobe and Kong brothers ?

  19. 1:53 to 56 why the older brother so mad

  20. I’m ngl I died laughing when they were all freaking out over a 150 pound pit bull only to find out he accidentally locked himself in a bedroom

  21. I bet when he snores ,even neighbours would complain .

  22. These dogs aren't big when you look at Mastiff, great Dane, kengal

  23. People In china

    That’s a lot of meat for our markets

  24. That’s one big CHONK

  25. The camera guys 1000% left the door open on purpose and locked Kong in a room lol

  26. Did they seriously not check the house first before running all over the neighborhood?

  27. Is this healthy for Pit Bull to look like that?

  28. Me: Gimme your Money!

    Hulk: (Barks)

    Me: AHH here take it TAKE IT
    tosses wallet with 1$ in it

  29. 1:57 This kid looks like Cesar Millan……..wait a minute

  30. I have a doberman and he is my protector dog and he is BIG but he is a puppy to hulk

  31. Nice what is this dog

  32. I love you DOG😍😍💖💖💛💛

  33. Am glad u found him 🥰

  34. But still Kong follows hulk. Hulk is the god father ye! 🤘🏼😯

  35. Why don’t these fools fence their property

  36. Can we say a Thank you for the dogs who past to get us to where we are now. 😔 Ace the locked and loaded missile, Maia the queen and maker off DDK and the King GENERAL.

  37. America is clearly going through dog
    phase 😂 and these people are trying to live a lavish life style just through breeding more of it 😬. I just hope it does not come to a point where there aren’t enough good homes to go around for these dogs. When it does reach to that point in the states, thats when all hell will break loose creating so many problems for new owners and the neighbourhood resulting in council/local authorities implementing stricter rules and regulations to the point of actually banning breeding. I’ve seen this happen already in New York state. You now have to have a dog neutered ✂️👨🏼‍⚕️, and have a ton load of papers and cash to pass through the local authorities. Also, In UK 🇬🇧 the whole country has locked down on dog breeding with crazy regulations to the point specific breeds are completely banned.

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