Jin Kang x Moo Young ● Their Story [FINALE] ▷The Smile Has Left Your Eyes



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OKAY, Sooooo I was expecting a sad ending so I am happy with how the writers created their very own impact-full ending without any weirdness. For that I am greatly thankful, LIKE SERIOUSLY THANK YOU about that, I’ve been reading some comments about some fans who feel the #kdrama ruined Ryo’s character of the original to that I really want to say something:

If you are fan of dark, thrilling villain type characters that’s fine, evil has its own fascinating charm I agree BUT when you’re watching love story, how do you expect feel something for their love when evil is involved? How do you “ship” a couple that is not meant to be right. Its like watching the love story of Hitler, you can watch it no prob but ofc you’ll question, HOW DO YOU FALL IN LOVE WITH HITLER? So Kim Moo Young’s character to me is better than the original BY FAR, because you actually can relate with the poor guy and realize that he’s just a human with dark humor. Not darkness that causes harm, but confusion and that’s obviously for the kind of life he had, so you feel happy when Jin Kang enters his life in trying to fix him, becoming a good human is no way something “cheesy or romantic” wtf xD

Japanese stories sometimes portrays women in a light that shows them attracted to men so deeply even if they’re dogs, I really never got that. If you watched Death Note, you’ll know what I mean. I loved Light’s character as a villain that he is, but not as a lover. So the fact that Koreans changed his character to the extent that you can accept his love and Jin Kang’s feelings in return, is beautiful and should be encouraged. That’s humanity folks.

And yes I cried a bucket loads of tears- watching it and editing it xD
The Saranghae part gets me EVERY TIME I watch back, and the saddest part is, he never got to hear her say it while she had to witness him die first…. *Sigh (chills) ANYWAY ENOUGH TALK lol

Much love to all, thank you for watching and have a great day or night wherever you are!
♥ Love Mazzy xx
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Drama: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/Hundred Million Stars From the Sky/ 하늘에서 내리는 1억 개의 별
Episodes: 1- 16
Coloring: 2words12letters – modified
Program: SV 13
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    It's been a pleasure being part of their journey. No regrets. I want to thank ALL of you who has been with me throughout this ride in making me feel so special and validated for the feelings I've developed for these characters. A part of my heart will forever ship them 💕 I wanted to keep this edit simple actually and portray their emotion best, without too much effects. They don't need it. I certainly will make one more edit on Kim Moo Young (DUHH) or both xD before I can find proper closure with this universe. Kudos to the whole team in creating something truly magical. 고맙습니다

  2. I’m happy that they at least died together even tho they didn’t have a proper ending 🥺💗

  3. I didn’t watched the whole drama so did they ended up being brothers or no?

  4. This is the most underrated best kdrama. I loved everything about this drama.

  5. I find most of SIG dramas are kind of hard to watch but I love his acting n always craving to watch his drama. This one is so heartbreaking more than 'I remember you'

  6. imagine thinking that mah heart can handle this

  7. this one still hits different

  8. My heart is breaking huhuhuhu

  9. I started this drama, currently in ep 4 but I don't know if I should leep watching after knowing that there will be sad ending –' I really hate watching sad ending drama….

  10. are they die in the end ??🙁😣

  11. After all the sorrow that they have gone through their life and all the pain and sadness,they truly deserve happiness.But as u know guys,God give so much happiness in one time & moment but after it,all the happiness turns into full of sorrow & sorrow.Actually this happened with them.& this drama just left me speechless for some days like was not doin anything and was just comparing my life with it,so it was really pathetic for me but anyway it help me release the deep sorrow that I was holdin for months to come to an end by cryin.Anyway love this drama from the core of my heart.☺️& forgot to say I am new subscriber,ur videos r amazing 😉

  12. Why is this drama so emotional 😭 It just broke my heart 💔 tho…..

  13. Before i watched this drama i watched first abyss and i defferenciate between the actors atress on how they made their good chemistry and we all knew it that with same director.. But this couple made it naturally their actions ..i never felt like this when i watched abyss.. But this one made me truely crazy… 😪🤔..so i believe that a good chwmistry is made by the lead actors actress not from the director… Seo inguk and somin is a perfect march… Rare or for real.. Thank you my friend of making this video i really love it plus the sound track you use.. It suit for this clips.. 😻😍..watching this couple til i die.. They remain in my heart.. 😻😍

  14. Huhuhu i'm crying. The song are so lit 😢 Im on episode 6. Dont break my heart 💔

  15. Love how you justify mookang character in the description❤

  16. Still jdrama version is best

  17. طبيعي اعيده اكثر من مره 🙁

  18. Amazing drama really 🔥🔥🔥🔥’

  19. I just finished watching now and I've been crying since 😭😭😭

  20. hi someone could give me a spoiler and tell if he's her blood brother please want to finish watching this series anymore don't want me to go down at the end, I already know that the two die in the end ,,,, more I want to know if she's brothers yes or no? ????

  21. the eyes are different, the point of everything is in the eyes of seo in guk oppa, there is no actor who has sharp eyes like in guk oppa , waaaaaa daebak 😍😍😍😍😍

  22. this drama broke my heart. I really wanted a happy end.
    sry for my bad english

  23. I just watched the whole drama and I'm crying..I love this so much…this drama literally hurt me.. and omgggggg it's so good I think I'm gonna go watch it again lmao

  24. Beautiful video! Does anyone know more dramas like this (does not have to be with a sad ending😂)? So many dramas are over the top which is why liked this because it was more realistic.

  25. I've cried at the end. It's such a good video well done

  26. Just find my self crying after done watching it.its so painful though they end with each other……

  27. Can someone please tell me where yo watch it

  28. I cant help but think what if something didnt happen in the middle and they could be happy and start a new life 😭

  29. Un drama hermoso!!!! Más real que los de costumbre y la química entre los protagonistas es genial. Me encanto, cada vez que veo esto me emociono.

  30. I cry so much….

  31. I've watched many Kdramas recently (I am new to KDramas), I've liked many, laughed with many, blushed with many….but never have I felt so invested like with these two. I loved their natural and easy love. Their endless love and devotion to each other. Last two episode left my heart so heavy I could hardly breath. I am a fan girl of these extremely talent two actors. Not sure if I will find another drama as heartfelt as this. LOVED IT! Thank you!

  32. This drama is crazy. I feel the warmth but hurts n then made me so speechless n mad till i wanna swear!!!

  33. Top Notch Drama and Top Notch Video Hands down to both the creator of this drama and creator of this video!

  34. am I the only one who thinks he deserved to die? did you guys all forget how he played with her friend's heart, ruined her relationship with her fiance, kissed her, slept with her, ruined her, got her killed, didn't give a damn about her death and continued on with his life , just because she was a side character we weren't supposed to care ?

  35. I will never get over this sad ending….they deserverd better and If they weren't dead in the end it would have been my favorite drama

  36. I’m scared falling in love this shit is scary😭😭😭😭😭😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧🤧

  37. This mv is so good! It almost made me cry 😭 good job! As a fellow youtuber who uploads korean drama videos, may i ask where you download the content for your mvs?

  38. When i remember the ending i am crying about an 1hr..

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