Jin Kang x Moo Young ● Shallow ▷ The Smile Has Left Your Eyes

“I’m in the deep end, watch as I dive in”
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“I won’t if you tell me not to”
“Don’t do it.”


I finally decided to use this song, today’s episode sealed the deal and MY HEART WASN’T READY. I swear I never felt more alone and single in MY LIFE XDD The so called bed scene was done so beautifully, I am just really preparing myself now, coz thanks to you guys I HAVE NO CHOICE.

Okay enough blaberring. Hope you like the video and you guys have been VERY sweet and supportive for this fandom. I can’t thank you guys enough, I’m hoping that the makers are receiving the same love back. ^^

P.S dayummmm Bradley can sing * ___ *
#SeoInGuk #JungSoMin

Much love to all, thank you for watching and have a great day or night wherever you are!
♥ Love Mazzy xx
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Song: As title
Drama: The Smile Has Left Your Eyes/Hundred Million Stars From the Sky/ 하늘에서 내리는 1억 개의 별
Episodes: 1- 10
Coloring: XxxXDream
Program: SV 13
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  1. I just finished it and I’m the saddest! This drama was amazing🥺💓 the actor had me on my knee! Omg I just love this drama so much! I 100% recommend this to anyone. This song matched them so much! Thank you for a beautiful edit!😚👍

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  3. I feel devastated also when that rich girl said that they are siblings.. I feel what mooyoung felt… But I think it deeply why the writer made this story with bed scene and kissing scene if the are sibling so I knew it already that that rich girl just make the story complecated… But what the writer mistake is why not give them a little love scene before they die😃😂😄…but anyway…that ILOVEYOU that came from mooyoung is already full my heart of happiness..😍😍😘😘😘..oh I love the ending of this drama… Best drama ever for me… Plus the actor actress perfect choice…

  4. In this drama I literally looked at their eyes the most because in those orbs I saw the change from the cold and indifferent eyes to loving, caring and selfless pairs of eyes

  5. This drama depicts the hard reality of real life so i kinda not sad at the ending we all die anyway at least they were together . Its a pity that they have so little time together. People say that they dont like to watch because of the ending but they must after this drama im sure you will now that we are living in reality not in cinderella WORLD . For someother time and dimension this might be ongoing .

  6. Anh cảm thấy kiệt sức! Mọi thứ dang dở, học tập, công việc, tình cảm,…. Anh thực sự đang nắm tay ai? Người anh muốn liệu có dám tin ở anh. Em từng là động lực cho anh, mỗi sáng thức dậy cho đến nửa đêm, anh chăm chỉ, mong anh của tương lai sẽ có thể tự mình lo cho em! Em à! Đôi lúc anh thực sự muốn gục xuống, muốn biến mất….! Nhưng anh phải cố , phải không em!

  7. I love this drama ♥️♥️♥️♥️♥️😭😭😭

  8. these two must work together again.

  9. soooooo….where can I find a boyfriend like this?

  10. The best and saddest drama ever! honestly each time I waited for next episode I was getting more excited for a happy ending and then BOOM! I still wake up crying (okay jk but really it just wow).

  11. Hope it's not too late to watching this.. I can'y move on from this cutie couple 😭
    and don't know if it's true or not, but look at his eyes.. maybe he's really in love

  12. Love them so much 😍💕❤

  13. Here iam again….can stop…👀👀👀

  14. I love their chemistry like awww they’re so cute and he was so mysterious but I love how he opens up to her and cares about her awwww I just love them 😭😭😭🤧🤧🤧😍😍😍😍

  15. This MV, this kdrama, the actors, their chemistry, i feel satisfied.

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  18. Now im here. My biggest feat is that they might be siblings?

  19. esta muy lindo el vídeo y la canción super…me encantooooo

  20. The “teach me how” is my ultimate favorite scene ❤️

  21. OMG Their chemistry is the BEST!!!!!! This Drama only 2 weeks left. Im not ready to say goodbye to this couple. ,😍😥😥😥😥😥

  22. great acting great drama great video thanks , love how they love each other but this is so sad

  23. Video and music really matching. ❤️😍 Thank you for such good video and music.. 👍

  24. Як красиво та мило вийшло. Дуже сильно підходять один одному. Душевний та чуйний кліп.

  25. The problem is I don't know how I was hate somin!! I'm a bad person💔😢

  26. Elvarázsolt a sorozat, ezzel a dallal pedig még csodálatosabb.

  27. Omg just stunning. I'm going to have to watch this drama RIGHT NOW! I'm scared it might just wreck me though… ah the FEELS!!!

  28. for me.the blame should goes to her brother. when he noticed that moo young n jin kang are sibling he should told them.i know he scared for what he did to jin kang n moo young father but he had to swallowed it for the sake of jin kang n moo young future.

  29. I was so attached with their characters that I cried watching their bed scene. It was just too sweet and sincere that it hurts seeing them smiling. 😭 i don't want this drama to end tragically please. please.

  30. I wanna watch this but I have no time :(((

  31. The desperate chemistry between the characters is insane

  32. Ok! Don't care if this was a huge spoiler I still loved this!

  33. i made a video edit of Moo Young and Jin Kang with the last episodes on my channel! please watch if you're interested! 🙂 here's the link; https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=0WzQ_lYS_3M

  34. Can they date already in real life ?

  35. The chemistry of this two artist was the best.i cannot get over of this two. Looking more kdramas of this fantastic actor and actress

  36. aaaaa I fell in love with your edits these days, im sad that i didnt find your channel before….

    sooooo i have a recommendation, i really love a certain song and i think it blends perfectly with In Guk's character, it's i'll be good by james young, is a such deep and meaningful song, so, if you do this, probably gonna be a masterpiece

  37. Wonderful,perfect song choice

  38. I'm happy I watched this drama hay. Giving me so much emotions 😍 hoping for a great ending, but I'm having tons of idea what the ending gonna be 😥

  39. Posta o link para assistir por favor

  40. Oh man Mazzy, now you nearly got me crying 😭 this is beautiful and so so well done!

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