Jayce Ivanah Details Losing Her Best Friend of 4 Years To Her Boyfriend of 2 Years, Shares Advice

Dothan, AL born/Atlanta residing exotic dancer, Jaycé Ivanah, sits down with DJ Smallz and shares insight on the recent loss of her best friend, if this could have been prevented, shares advice for others, plus more.

Have you lost a best friend? Share your story by posting a comment below.

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  1. As a filmmaker who’s conducted a ton of interviews for documentaries, I can tell y’all wholeheartedly that this (entire) interview humanized the fuck out of her. She’s no longer just a photo on Instagram — she has depth, character, personality.
    The guy doing the interview is ok, he’s teetering on the edge with some of the questions — he could go a little harder, but I don’t think it’s the tone of this.

  2. I like what I see, but I need to know what she looks like without the makeup on though.

  3. Smallz fell off Like 2013 he must got Bots on this jawn cause he at 900k He not in demand like back then you got saycheese surpassed him I rather watch Vlad Police as than these boring ass interviews

  4. Girls are sooo dumb like you threw a whole friendship away for a man😐😐😐

  5. https://www.youtube.com/channel/UC_PxcN484r2qhx28Fl3mpJA

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  6. https://youtu.be/4_tqRtGLg3Q

    Must watch

  7. We gotta stop with these lip fillers

  8. her make up is all TYPES of messed up

  9. She must be bad in bed if a guy would throw this ten in the garbage.

  10. Bruh she look like a thick Lindsey Lohan

  11. Maaan I thought the boyfriend killed the best friend or some shit smh

  12. Smallz asks the most random, but weirdest questions ever.

  13. You lose em how you get em!

  14. Where are you finding these mfers at gotdamn

  15. Unsubscribed.. this lame ass page just be interviewing no name rappers and no name strippers

  16. Typical story…small southern country ass boring town w no real opportunities, started feelin herself kuz of guys attention, next stop….ATL n the strip club lol!

  17. Not that I mind at all kuz she bad af but where tf does Smallz find these random bitches from??! I never heard of before,it's not like she's a female artist that's startin to bubble her music career

  18. People will try to still everything you have

  19. Strong woman values!!! 💯 Brains and Beautiful!! ❌⭕️❌⭕️

  20. Hey that happened to me except it was my best friend of 15 years we went through puberty together basically. And he was fucking my ex gf….gf at the time. Basically hidden in plain site. Hurts so bad. It's like hey stop haunting my dreams on a regular basis and stop it with the permanent PTSD and emotional scars
    Like hello? Stop breaking me? Like….kay? Like hey girl could you fix this irreparable damage when you get a minute? Can you break space time and not gas light me ? If you get time….kay?

  21. Help us change lives https://youtu.be/o6jLDjGmKD8

  22. Smallz you running out of questions or what bra smh


  24. ⭐💯💯💯⭐

  25. Make this blue if you love your mom ❤️
    👇🏽I’m gifting my next 20 subscribers🥰

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