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  1. darius and lux plays extremely bad, i presume it was Iron 3 or 4

  2. Legit worse-than-robot players bro

  3. how are you upgrading (q,w,e,r) instantly?

  4. I mean fogget is absolutely a legend but my eyes hurt from watching that darius cancelling his autos like crazy
    Srsly that darius is rly bad

  5. Legend has it that Darius has Xin Zhao permabanned to this day

  6. Im playing from south africa and on euw so

  7. when are u upgrading to a triplle chin?

  8. lol this build got me slayin

  9. So draft match for youtube? Cool, i should do it too…… Pretty sad free elo match

  10. What runes to make conq and…?

  11. Btw trying maxing E first instead of W cuz when u take conqueror u dont have that burst of attack speed u get from hail of blades and the attackspeed u get from E makes up for that

  12. Darius already lose when solo because Xinzhao has E so whenever Darius Q , Xinzhao will E. Strongest skill from Darius is Q, it make the identity of Darius, but it was counter by E of Xinzhao:))

  13. Lol the afk arena ad is stupid as hell

  14. This darius first blood, conviniently named "Best of SoloQ" , lvl 1 alpha manly creep tanking 1v1, then all chat wtf is the highlight of my fckin day

  15. me gustan todos los videos de foggedftw2
    , siempre los veo, pero no me gusta para nada un video con semejante diferencia de habilidad, mucho menos con un afk, ¡peor con ambos!… A mi parecer no tiene sentido, para ver algo asi, me voy a xvideos xD/ i like all the videos of foggedftw2
    , i always see them, but, i don't like at all a video with such a huge difference of skill, much less with an afk, ¡even worst with both!

  16. Kkkkk pra poder parar esse xin zhao, só um main jax full build!

  17. Дариус просто смешной, почему против тебя не скиллованый противник? Это минус жирный твоему видео.

  18. xin knocked me up with his spear what do i now?

  19. I love it when shit plays broken champions and expects to win lane.

  20. A Foggedftwian does not know retreat

  21. I would like to know why you didnt just swap with akali, she could get back up on an abandoned lane and you could push in and get even more fed on the other lane, or is that low elo thought process?

  22. Eyyy the old Xin Zhao came back! 😂

  23. Bro try.. Try s10 build Jax please.. It crazy

  24. I was really sad for a minute when I saw the Sanguine passive doesn't work on minions but it does work on epic monsters and towers which is all that matters!

  25. Twitch with this item should be op bro

  26. This new conqueror is basically just a fervor of battle. We actually came back full fucking circle after a multitude of changes

  27. I liked that you actually described what each champ does and how you counter it, specially because I hate to check that out on my own and it's something that's absolutely key. Please keep doing that.

  28. Yay , Im one trick with xin and im happy to see that he is buffed 😀

  29. Commenting on every video I see part 415

  30. Bruh I’m so mad u didn’t kill him when he just came back and was level 5 I just wanted to see how fast a Darius could die. U were level 11 fogged it would’ve been so entertaining ): love ur vids though keep it up

  31. Last time I watched yout video youre struggling to understand sanguine blade.
    "You can proc. Sanguine blade when you're attacking isolated target" easy as that bro

    When youre not attacking ofcourse it wont work
    When youre hitting minion it might work if the minion itself is also isolated.
    Dont know why youre having a hard time to understand.

  32. I've played Xin Zhao top for awhile, especially into certain matchups that melee don't normally win he's an excellent pick because he's gota lotta sustain with his passive and can burst down ranged champions pretty quickly

  33. Watching fogged really motivates me to play more league. He’s a trynd main that established his following playing trynd and his videos are still entertaining when he’s trying out new things.

  34. Aiii… I'm from South Africa

  35. watching you demolish that cait at the end there… lethality on a bruiser is actually so scary, they really gotta fix sanguine blade

  36. So sanguine works as long as you're not in a team fight. Man thats actually garbage wtf. Like dude you're supposed to be smart about this, its a fucking trash item. Like legit trash. Maybe as a first item, then u waste gold and its pointless cause who the fuck only fights one champion past 10 mins. Unless its trash elo. You could take it jungle, but what about your jungle item for securing objectives. You would have to buy it as a second item if ur jungle, then u got boots too, by the time u spend all that money on that trash item you wont be using it.

  37. Why is it Riot won't let me on PBE but absolute trash that don't even know how to play the game is allowed….like what?!
    Yes I meet every requirement and used to be on PBE.

  38. imagine going flash ignite top lane against a xin as darius and absolutely getting rekt. oof With xins mobility exaust is nasty. Not to mention Xin is more burst than dps. Again exaust hurts

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