"I want to have dinner with Messi!" Cristiano Ronaldo talks his greatest rival

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Cristiano Ronaldo and Lionel Messi sat next to each other at the #UCLDraw, and the Juventus great revealed he wants to spend private time with the Argentine.

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  1. Now the most viewed clip on our YouTube channel 🤯

  2. Really happy moments ❣️ between cr7 & LM10 ♥️

  3. Ronaldo is always the best. He is a king

  4. How can say Messi is the goat when Messi can only speak 1 language it’s a no brainier. Some people have no brain cells.

  5. I'm considering buying Messi a phrase book

  6. CR7 💕 Messi 😍🇧🇩

  7. We're not submit, how cool see their together)

  8. Если бы вместо Месси , был Златан , он бы пендюлей дал всем за такие вопросы. 😆

  9. So no one's gonna talk about the fact that Cris asked Messi out for dinner..

  10. Cr :*speak English
    Messi : *pretend to understand

  11. They enjoy like it is their 15 th anniversary of togetherness

  12. I don't know why but I hate Virgil van dijk. He seriously looks like a goat


  14. What if Messi and Ronaldo became Best friends???

  15. Messi gak bisa bahasa inggris yaaa… ??? 🥴🥴

  16. Messi the best………… Love u

  17. VVD be like:- I am never coming to the awards again.

  18. Virgil van dijk thinking; Hello darkness my old friend…. and dont know the rest but 😅😅

  19. We are lucky to witness these two greatest ever compete at the same time.

  20. Pavel Neveds reaction after Ronaldo called out his haters was class!!! 3:05

  21. What did messi say when he was asked if he missed ronaldo?

  22. Ronaldo Imma go for dinner
    27Mil People Interesting

  23. 2 min of silence for the people who have not lived in the era of CR and Lionel Messi.

  24. Ronaldo has so many pluses over Messi and he’s better in big games. I saw a stat where Ronaldo has 30 goals in the champions league QF or later in his career while Messi has only 5. That’s pathetic. No disrespect to Messi he’s 2nd all time imo. But only thing he has over Ronaldo is dribbling skills and passing it’s not by a wide margin Ronaldo is an excellent dribbler. Ronaldo doesn’t pass as much cuz he is dependent as the main goal scorer for almost all the teams he played for. Messi has had eto villa Suarez Neymar ronaldinho to share scoring burden. Other than that Ronaldo beats Messi in every category(heading, free kicks, penalties, shot making, leadership, clutch, work ethic, physical strength, speed)

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